Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who Said Life Was Fair?

Jackson has really been giving us fits lately with all his independence, perseverance, and strong willedness along with about 17 other James Dobsonish words.

My Mom is totally eating this up because in all reality, I'm totally getting my parental comeuppance.

It seems that our child thinks that he's Master of the Universe, or Master of Wade's World at least, and that he, and he alone, gets to decide what his plans are and what's good for him.

Case in point, Jackson and I had the following conversation yesterday afternoon that started just after I buckled him into his car seat at school and continued off and on until after supper was over:

Jackson: "Can I have a cupcake for snack when I get home?"
Me: "You can have a cupcake after you finish your supper."
Me: "I'm sorry, but you can't have a cupcake this close to supper. If you eat your supper, then you can have a cupcake."
Me: "That's okay. Supper is soon."

5 minutes later...

Jackson: "What are we having for supper?"
Me: "Dirty Rice."
Jackson: "NOOOOOOOOO!! I don't want Dirty Rice because I WANT A CUPCAKE!"
Me: "You are not eating a cupcake for supper."
Jackson: "Well I want one now!"
Me: "Sorry. No can do!"

5 minutes later as I'm cooking supper...

Jackson: "Mama, can I pretty please have a cupcake for supper?"
Me: "No."
Me: "You are not getting a cupcake for supper!"
Jackson (as he runs from the room): "I'M NOT HAPPY! I'M NOT HAPPY! I'MMM NOOOOTTTT HAPPPYYYYYY!"
Me (muttering to myself now): "Me either!"

5 minutes later as Jackson realizes that he's really not going to get a cupcake for supper...

Jackson: "But I said that I wanted a cupcake for supper."
Me: "I know what you said, but it doesn't matter. I'm the Mommy and I said that you aren't eating a cupcake for supper."
Jackson: "Fine, but I'm mad at you Mommy. I'm not your best friend anymore!"
Me: "That's okay because I still love you!"
Jackson: "Well, I'm mad at you and I'm not your friend because THIS IS NOT MY CHOICE AND IT'S NOT FAIR!"

Yeah, my three year old threw out the "It's not fair argument" and then proceeded to slam the door of his room as hard as he could. After that, it took all of 2.5 seconds for us to come to an understanding on what is and isn't acceptable behavior in our house, and frankly I don't think I'll have trouble this afternoon with him.

I guess I better go ahead and buckle up for the teenage years, because this kid is gonnna keep me on my toes!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Yep.. just hang on. It's a fun ride through the teen years. Just sayin'!

AmyKnight said...

Is he three or thirteen? That sweet child reasons like a teenager. Oh the fun stories that lie ahead for us. I am so glad I am the aunt! Ha

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