Monday, April 05, 2010

Where Did He Get A Perfect French Accent?

Jackson got another Tom and Jerry DVD for Christmas and he has been watching it constantly lately. Jeremy and I had conveniently forgotten how violent some of the cartoons we watched were as kids. Granted, it's funny stuff, but we have been surprised watching it with Jackson. It's made sword fighting and play hitting a constant event at our house!

Anyways, Jackson has developed a serious love for Tom and Jerry and he especially loves Jerry the mouse.

In typical Jackson fashion, this morning he wanted us to play pretend with him. Anything to prolong getting ready for school.

Jeremy and I were a bit surprised when Jackson asked us to play a few new roles this morning. Jeremy was assigned the role of "that big cat Tom" and Jackson assigned himself to play "that little gray mouse, Jerry" and I was just to play the Mommy.

Nothing new for me there...

So Jeremy was busy playing Tom the cat and Jackson was busy playing Jerry when all of a sudden Jackson stands up really tall, puts one hand on his hip and points the other hand up to the sky and yells, "Bouche' Bussycat" in a perfect French accent!

Jeremy and I just died laughing which of course just made Jackson repeat himself more. We think he's latched on to the swordfight scene of the "Touche' Pussycat!" episode of Tom and Jerry.

However he came up with, he's had us laughing ever since. Jeremy did make Jackson promise not to say that around school since the last thing we need is for his school to think that he's learned it from watching something like a"Bussycat Dolls" music video.

We just didn't think that would go over well at his Christian preschool, even if it was said in a perfect French accent!

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Rachel said...

That's awesome!! Ali has a CD with nursery rhymes sung in a British Accent, and it cracks me up when she sings them with the same heavy accent. Kids are so good at that sort of thing!

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