Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Just Had No Idea How Talented That Husband Of Mine Is

I knew that Jeremy was a wonderful husband, father, son, and funeral director, but y'all, I had no idea that in his spare time he had become an "extreme angler" and taken on hosting a new show, River Monsters, on Animal Planet. Somehow he apparently found time to add author, explorer, journalist and TV presenter to his pile of hats to wear.

I just had no idea how talented he was.

Who says marriage means no more surprises in a relationship?

I watched River Monsters Sunday night and I was in awe. I admit that I was a little confused at Jeremy Wade's appearance, but I would imagine that wrestling 150lb man-eating fish would age you just a bit, and completely account for the white hair.

At any rate, just because Jeremy has this new talent doesn't mean that I'm cooking whatever he catches, because y'all, I don't clean fish, even if he has taken down some River Monster!

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Ew..that' scary. I've never seen that before. *shiver*

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