Monday, April 26, 2010

I Like Pink, Just Not For My Eyes

I swear to goodness, Wade's World is falling apart! Between Jackson's intermittent strep throat (currently under control) and Jeremy's swine flu (which is much better), I should have known that it was my turn next.

Friday on the way home from work I got something in my right eye. Luckily I wasn't driving, and even though I know I shouldn't do it, I rubbed and rubbed my eye until I finally felt like whatever was in it got out. I was left with swollen, itchy, and watery eyes that were ever so attractive.

I wasn't looking much better by Saturday morning when I woke up. Not only were my eyes slightly crusty (gross, I know!), but they were still very itchy. Fearing pink eye, I was getting ready to go to the doctor to get my eyes checked out, but after a little while my eyes cleared up. They still itched like all get out, but the white's of my eyes were just as white as they could be. I decided not to go to the doctor because I would feel like an idiot showing up saying, "I think I have pink eye" when my eyes were not pink anymore. I figured it was just allergies so I got some allergy eye drops that helped off an on Saturday. It was hard to not rub my eyes, but I abstained, for the most part.

Then, about 3:00 Sunday morning I woke up and my eyes were killing me with their itchiness, but once again they weren't pink. I started googling things like, "pink eye without pink eyes" and "my eyes are going to fall out from itchiness" without getting any results that actually helped me.

With that in mind, and especially considering that my eye lids were so swollen that I looked like I got sucker punched, I got ready Sunday morning and headed to Primed. Luckily, the wait was very short and I got right in. The doctor dyed my eyes to see if I had any scratches or abrasions, and he didn't spot anything. He told me that I didn't have pink eye (thank goodness!) and I'm not contagious, but possibly I had some kind of eye infection or allergies. He prescribed some antibiotic drops and some drops for the itching.

Last night was still really rough, but hopefully I'm on the mend. At the very least I've learned to not rub my eyes and just try to ignore the itch. Rubbing them does make them feel better, but it's miserable waking up swollen and puffy. It's just not worth it. At least my eyes don't look like anything is wrong with them as long as I keep my hands off. Because seriously the itching is bad enough on it's own without having to worry about people thinking they are going to get the pink eye plague from me.

And just so you know, I'm 99.9% sure that you can't catch whatever it is I've got from the blog-o-sphere. So rest assured that you're safe from me!

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Kay said...

Hope your eye is feeling better. : )

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