Thursday, May 06, 2010

Forget Sliced Bread; This Is Way Better Than That!

I'm officially on my own with the new job and I'm loving it. I drove to 4 counties today and I will try to hit 3 more tomorrow. My new best friend is my GPS, and so far, she hasn't led me astray. I even managed to read a map correctly. You should be so proud of me! The only hitch I had today was trying to find a decent place in a new city to stop for lunch. I passed a Church's Chicken and quickly opted against it and two very scary looking Mexican restaurants, which only left me a small Chinese buffet as my other option.

I don't doubt that there are more places to eat in this small town, but I wasn't going to push my luck today to try to find them, especially with the GPS lady screaming at me to, "MAKE A LEGAL U-TURN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!"

So after getting my food from the buffet, I settled down at the table near a group of ladies and I couldn't help but overhear all of their conversation. In actuality, I wasn't eavesdropping (I promise!), but I was just close enough to be able to listen to everything they were saying. Even more, they weren't attempting to be quiet at all, so it did offer me some entertainment during my lunch break.

I heard all about how this one lady's best friend got pregnant when they were in high school and how this girl's Daddy was a "Preacher man" and how all they could tell her was, "Girl, we don't have stuff like this happen up in our house!"

I heard all about how much their families were driving them crazy.

I heard all about what they had cooked this week.

I really heard more than I/you, could ever want/care to know.

But the most entertaining, you-know-you-are-in-the-deep-south turn in the conversation took place when they began discussing, ahem, birth control options, specifically regarding "tutoring" their husbands.

After much animated discussion on the benefits of this particular procedure, one of the ladies effectively closed the conversation when she said to the others, "After 3 kids, I was done! Getting my husband fixed was the best thing that happened to me since fried corn!"

Well, alrighty then. Move over Sliced Bread; You've been replaced with Fried Corn!

4 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Oh. My. Gosh! That is so funny! I love it when I can sit there and overhear stuff. You never know what you might learn. Who knew bread had been replaced with fried corn!

Now we know.

I love that cartoon too! I giggle every time I see it. : )

Jenny said...

You have me in tears laughing! Thanks, I needed that tonight! You always crack me up!

Rachel said...

Fried Corn? Wow... there are just so many many...

Kellyn said...

That's hilarious!! BTW, your GPS can tell you where local restaurants are, too!!

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