Thursday, May 13, 2010

Need Some Advice

Jeremy and I are in the market for a new computer. Here's the problem: We can't decide if we want to get a laptop or a desktop. We would love the convenience of having a laptop, but we really like the prices offered by desktops. I like the portability of a laptop, but I get tired of typing on one for extended periods of time. There are lots more factors to consider (including brands) but we are kinda leaning towards a desktop right now.

So, we need some help.

What do you think? Laptop or desktop? Any brands you love (or hate)?

I've put a handy dandy little bloggy poll right over there <---- for a quick answer, but I would love some advice in the comment section. Cause really, who could give me better computer advice than my bloggy friends? No one I tell you!

Talk to me people! I'm all ears, or eyes, as the case may be for this. Thanks!

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The Escue's said...

Amy, we have a laptop but hook it up to the desktop monitor and use the desktop keyboard so its like having a desktop but when I want to take it to another room I can just unhook the monitor screen and take it wherever. That is a thought for you. I hope this helps.

Kellyn said...

We love the laptop. we can take it room to room, which means you can watch Jackson, or talk with Jeremy, or watch TV while playing on the computer. Also, with the desktop, you have to have a designated "place" for it, either in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc., and space is limited. we just stick the laptop down beside the couch when we dont need it and it doesnt take up space. plus, you always hear about the dangers of having a computer in a room seldom used or thats isolated and the trouble that kids/anyone can get in to with playing on the internet, meaning the computer needs to be in a busy part of the house. and we love that we can take the laptop on vacations and stuff so we can watch movies while at hotels or wherever. some cheap external speakers work great for improving the sound. i probably have more opinions, but its early and thats the best i've got right now. oh, and you can get wireless keyboards and mice (mouses?) for the laptop, too.

McCrory Family said...

LAPTOP! If you search for sales and look into certain brands, you can get a good deal. Russell has a wireless keyboard to use with his laptop. It is nice for typing big documents.

My biggest piece of advice -

Russell and I have both been given VERY expensive Dell Laptops through our jobs and both have had major problems from day 1. Even the Dell desktop Russell had during graduate school had big problems from the get go.

I have heard wonderful things about HP. You can buy them locally which would make finding deals easier!

Good luck!

Kay said...

We have always been desktop people. And hubs has always built our "machines" until my newest computer just a couple of months ago. He just didn't have the time to put into it, so he bought Dells..yes we have three, but he only built his, because he's fussy about the little things with his. And each machine is a little different since we all do different things with our computers. I don't know how much I recommend Dell since we don't need them for tech support etc. and I've heard plenty of stories about some of that stuff. Hubs can do all of that, since he's a programmer. But we haven't had any trouble with them.

You can also buy a keyboard to plug in to a laptop. You can even plug it in to a monitor. So you'd have the portability of the laptop but the comfort of a desktop at home.

On the flip side of what the McCrory family said, our delivery person commented to me after she delivered our second Dell that "HP's always have to be picked up".. ie there always seem to be problems. So that is the observation from UPS. And hubs has Dell laptops for work and hasn't had trouble with them.

But as I said before, I don't really 'recommend' Dell since we don't have to deal with them, our situation is a bit different.

Good luck with whatever you chose!

Rachel said...

I never thought I'd want a laptop, but I am alllll laptop now. Especially since I have a widescreen one that allows room for a numbers keypad. Being an accountant, that's something I can't do without.

And I like Dell - it's a happy brand.

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