Thursday, May 27, 2010

Never Ask A Man To Do Something You Want Done Right

Jeremy was off work Tuesday and I asked him if he would run to Walmart and get a gift card for the daughter of a dear friend of mine that was graduating high school that night. When I was on my way home I asked Jeremy about the card and he assured me that everything was taken care of. Being the OCD person that I am, I just had to ask him for specifics on what he had purchased.
I'm glad I asked...

Jeremy: "Well, Walmart was out of graduation themed gift cards, so I just picked out a different one."
Me: "What kind of gift card did you get?"
Jeremy: "I got her this really cool gift card that has a basketball on it. It even has bumps on it like a real basketball would have!"
Me: "Please tell me you are kidding."
Jeremy: "Ummmm......I'm not kidding. She played basketball, right?"
Me: "No, she didn't play basketball."
Jeremy: "Well, a gift card is a gift card."
Me: "Please tell me you are kidding."

He wasn't kidding....

Now I realize that it's just a gift card, but OMG, you do not give a basketball gift card to a female high school graduate unless she was on the basketball team! Jeremy couldn't understand why it mattered. He kept saying, "Amy, it's not what's on the gift card that counts; it's what in the gift card that counts."

To which I responded, "But Jeremy, if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

I was not about to give a basketball gift card to a girlie girl for her high school graduation gift. So I did what any stubborn female would do: I promptly returned to Walmart and looked like an idiot purchasing a new gift card with the gift card that Jeremy bought. I know the Walmart cashier thought I had lost my mind, until I explained to her the situation, and she totally sided with me! And you know if you can get the Walmart cashier to agree with you, then you are right!

And now Jeremy knows that "when in doubt", he's to call me.

The End.

3 random thoughts:

Kay said...

I side with you too! I get so bummed when I can't find a "cute" gift card for the right occasion!

My hubs learned this stuff a loooong time ago and won't even attempt to do things like that for me. I've trained him well. LOL

Samantha said...

Things are never dull around Wade's world, huh? :)


Rachel said...

Awesome. Although I DO want to feel the basketball-y bumps on that card, now. I do love texture.

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