Friday, May 14, 2010

Who Are These People And What Did They Do With My Parents?

Last night on our way home from dinner and Best Buy Jackson announced to Jeremy and I that he wanted a milkshake.

It was 7:45 at night.

Me: "I'm sorry Jackson, but it's too late at night for a milkshake."
Jackson: "Nu-uh. My Tata gives me milkshakes before bed!"
Me: "I don't think Tata gives you milkshakes this close to bed."
Jackson" "Uh-huh, yes he does! He gives me milkshakes because I'm so good."
Me: "Before bed?"
Jackson: "Yes. When I stayed at Nana and Tata's house I took my bath and because I was so good the entire day and forever he went to Chick-Fil-A and got me a milkshake and he let me have it BEFORE BED!"
Me: "Well, you're not getting a milkshake tonight before bed."
Jackson: "Hmmpphhh. You are so mean to me! When we get home I'm going in my room and shutting the door and you can't come in because you won't let me have a milkshake."

Later that night...

Me: "Mom, Jackson was trying to convince us to get a milkshake for him on our way home from Best Buy. He said that Dad gave him a milkshake before bed when he stayed over at your house."
Mom: "Dad did give him a milkshake."
Me: "Before bed?"
Mom: "Well, Jackson was being so good that day that your Dad went to Chick-Fil-A after Jackson had his bath and got us all milkshakes."
Me: "Before bed?"
Mom: "Amy, he was being really good!"
Me: "Well, you should have heard him when we told him no. Apparently he's not our friend anymore!"
Mom: "Did he get home and stomp into the house?"
Me: "He sure did!"
Mom: "He's just like you!"
Me: "Thanks!"

And Jackson's first question this morning was, "Can we stop on the way to school and get a milkshake?"

So now I'm convinced of two things: First of all, these are not the same people I grew up with, with all their milkshakes before bedtime stuff. And secondly I'm raising a mini-version of myself, especially with Jackson's spunk, attitude, persistence, and love of milkshakes!

3 random thoughts:

Mom (Nana) said...

Jackson speaks the truth. He did have a milkshake before bed -- to be fair, he actually had very little. Dad and I really enjoyed our milkshakes.

This is how it went -- after Jackson's bath, Dad came into the living room and said, "You know, Jackson has been REALLY good today. I think I will go get us all a milkshake." Of course, that sounded great to me. In Dad's defense, Jackson does drink milk before bed. Okay -- milk -- milkshake.

Yes, we are different today -- let's see -- it's been almost 30 years. Bottom line -- this is the best part of "grand" parents. Our grandboys are absolutely priceless!!!

Kay said...

Yes, I remember both my parents becoming different people when my kids came onto the scene. I remember thinking "who are you people"? LOL

Lisa said...

other than the fact that I just belted out the biggest laugh of the year....AMY!!! Seriously, these are grandparents...not parents. They get anyway with EVERYTHING...and they let our children do all the thing your were not allowed to do... must not remember your childhood...because I sure do have photos and lots of memories of sleepovers!!! Shall I post photos of the Little AMY!

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