Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friends For Life

Two summers ago on a really hot summer night, one of our neighbors from across the street came over to Jeremy and I as we were doing yard work and asked if Jeremy could come over to see if he could fix something on their air conditioning unit. It turned out that her husband and young son were at the lake and the air conditioning repair guy hadn't remembered to plug the air conditioner back in before he left her house.

That night a friendship was born.

Jeremy and I were amazed that although Britney and Adam had lived across the street from us for a few years that we had never met before. They had an 18 month old son named Layton, and with Jackson being close to two, he and Layton quickly became good friends.

Britney and I became walking buddies and during that time we developed a friendship that will last a lifetime. We've shared parenting advice and tips, and just have one of those friendships that are so easy to maintain. Jeremy and Adam get along great as well, so between the four of us (plus the boys) it was always really easy to hang out together. In the last two years we've been there during the sickness and deaths of grandparents, through the birth of Britney and Adam's second son, Lawson, and through the very untimely passing of Adam's mother from cancer only 4 days after Lawson was born. We're even going on a cruise with them in August to the Bahamas.

Tomorrow Britney and Adam are putting their house up for sale. While it is on the market they are moving out of their house, so tonight we had Britney and Adam over for dinner and to let the boys go swimming. As usual the boys had a blast playing in the pool.

Layton has some amazing curls!

Layton kept "fishing" Jackson out of the pool!

So tonight was the last night of the boys being both friends and neighbors. Tomorrow they will become just friends. Britney and I have promised each other that we will make sure that the boys stay in touch. In fact, we have plans to take the boys to see Toy Story 3 when it comes out.

We know that the road life takes us on will bring new people in our lives at different times. Jeremy and I have been blessed to become friends with Britney and Adam, and we look forward to continuing to watch our boys grow up together!

Because that's what friends do....

3 random thoughts:

Fulton Quads said...

I wish we had neighbors like that! I want to cry! I'm sure you all will stay in touch! Thanks for sharing!
Love, Cathy & her quads

Fulton Quads said...

BTW, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my blog for all of the details! [=
Love, Cathy & her quads

Kay said...

Glad you've gotten to experience great neighbors. I've never had that. So glad you were able to make such a great friend. : )

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