Sunday, June 06, 2010


It's been awhile since I posted about some of Jackson's funny stories lately. Let me just tell you, the kid is hilarious. He's definitely going to keep me on my toes! Here's a recap of the last few days..
  • I learned that I should never turn my back on Jackson as he is putting Parmesan cheese (sprinkle cheese) on his spaghetti. If I do, he will undoubtedly pour an inch-and-a-half of cheese onto his bowl of spaghetti and be eating sprinkle cheese by the spoonful by the time you turn back around.

  • During prayer time Jackson said the following prayer: "Dear God, thank you for nighttime pull-ups, because God, they are not diapers, and they help me not potty all over my bed like I did last night!

  • Jackson had me so frazzled the other day when I was leaving for church because he was taking his dear, sweet time, that when we finally left I looked down on the drive and saw this beside me...
    That would be our house phone.

  • Jackson decided that he wanted to take Luke for a ride yesterday. I think they both enjoyed it immensely!
  • Our little man dressed himself when getting ready to head up to the church for the final part of our VBS decorations. He decided to wear his blue jean shorts, a muscle shirt to show off his new Buzz Lightyear tattoo, his cowboy boots and his superhero cape. He was so stinking cute!

  • I am going to apologize in advance to Jackson's future wife. It's not my fault that my child is inquisitive and now thinks that tampons are called, "Mommy sticks."

  • And while I'm apologizing, I would like to take a moment to apologize to the very overweight man at Walmart tonight that Jackson pointed to no less than six times when we saw him to say, "Look at that BIIIGGGG man, Mommy. He's so fat!" I'm sorry. I was mortified, and I hope to goodness that you didn't hear him. We now have a "shut your mouth now or your hiney is mine" code word in effect for Jackson.

  • I would like to thank the kid in Jackson's class that taught him the word, "boobies." It was great fun having him point to my chest when we were at church yesterday and say, "Mommy, those look like big boobies!" I guess him knowing the word "boobies" is better than him calling them, "Big Hangy Down Thingies."

  • And speaking of boobies...I had one of those "only in Wade's World" experiences this morning. I have a bad habit of getting ready for work while I'm still wearing a towel from the shower. It's usually a big beach towel and I have it tucked strategically so that I doesn't come down. Well, Jackson has decided that part of his new morning routine has to include going out to the front porch and waving to Jeremy as he leaves for the day. This morning I still hadn't gotten dressed when Jeremy had to leave for work. Jackson was running around the house in his underwear and nightshirt, and against my better judgement, I decided to hide behind the front door, wearing only a towel, to watch Jackson as he waved to Jeremy. Well, after Jeremy drove off, Jackson decided that he didn't want to come back inside. I was basically held hostage behind the front door, me in a towel and Jackson outside in his underwear knowing that there was pretty much nothing I could do to him at the time. I begged, pleaded, bribed and threatened him to come back into the house to no avail. I didn't know what to do; If I left him to get dressed then to a passerby I've let my underroo wearing kid play outside by himself. If I walked outside in a towel, then knowing my luck, my towel would have dropped and I would have had a amazing blog post for y'all. Finally, just as I was about to forget my pride and head outside, Jackson decided to walk back into the house. I'll just say that without a shadow of a doubt, Jackson isn't going to try that again. And more importantly, I'm going to get dressed the moment I step out of the shower from now on!

  • And finally, Jackson told me that he loves me more than he loves skunks. I feel honored!

    Have a great day!

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