Thursday, August 19, 2010

4 Years Old, But Going On 21

Jackson has been 4 years old for a grand total of 6 days, and already we've heard the following things around our house:
  • When I get 21, I want a Batman-Monster Truck birthday party.

  • When I get 21, I'll be older than you, and then I'm going to tell you what to do!

  • When I get 21, can I watch Daddy's Robot movie? (Transformers)

  • When I get 21, I want to be the Incredible Hulk for Halloween!

And finally my favorite....

  • When I get 21, then I will wipe my own hiney after I poo-poo!

One day he's going to hate me for this post!

And let the record show, the kid knows how to wipe his hiney, he's just being lazy! Have a great day!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Oh My Gosh! All things he can do...when he's 21. Cracks me up!

At least he thinks he'll be older than you at 21, so really that's a compliment! My daughter has been of the belief that I was alive with the dinosaurs, so 21 is really good! : )

Samantha said...

This is hilarious.

My niece told my sister the other day, "Mommy, you telling me what to do is killing me!"

There's no telling what's to come!

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