Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Jackson,

In December 2005, after 9 months of trying to get pregnant, your Daddy and I were thrilled beyond measure to find out that we were blessed to be expecting. We spent the next 8 months joyfully preparing for you to join our family, and we couldn't wait to find out what kind of person you would be, and who you would look like. Well, as it turns out, you look exactly like your Daddy, and more often than not, you are shy just like your Daddy.

But Jackson, there's so much more to you than what meets the eye. You are such a fun and spunky kiddo! You, now at 4 years old, are so incredibly smart and perceptive; your Daddy and I can't trick you at all! You are sweet and loving 99.9% of the time, but when you give us that 0.01%, you really let us have it! You love to cuddle with us, especially when it can delay bedtime even for a few minutes! You are loving, kind, generous, and above all else, you are such a lovable stinker, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I always tell you that I love you from the top of your head, all the way down to the bottom of your feet, and while that covers just about everything, it doesn't come close to describing the depth of my love for you. I really do love you through and through.

Happy 4th Birthday Jackson! I love you!


4 random thoughts:

Nana said...

Happy Birthday to a GREAT grandson! I love you Jackson!

Kay said...


Happy birthday, Jackson! : )

Lianne said...

Four!!! (Finally!) Happy Birthday, Jackson!

The Jones' said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jackson. I can remember holding you as a little newborn baby just like it was yesterday and even today MG calls you "baby Jackson"!

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