Thursday, August 05, 2010

Jackson and Daddy

Jeremy was off from work Tuesday and he and Jackson spent the day together. I cracked up when I heard some of the things Jackson told Jeremy during the course of the day. The morning began when Jeremy and Jackson headed to the park. They stopped to get some drinks and when they got to the park Jeremy only got one of the drinks out of the car.

Jackson: "Daddy, where's my drink?"
Jeremy: "You're going to share with me."
Jackson: "That's awfully nice of you Daddy, but no thanks. I would rather have my own drink."
Jeremy: "...."

After feeding the mean ducks at the park from Jeremy's shoulders...
Jackson: "I told Mommy those ducks weren't going to bite me!"
Jeremy: "That's because you were on my shoulders. The ducks were trying to bite me!"
Jackson: "Well....they didn't bite me!"

Later that day...

Jackson: "Daddy, why are you wearing a pink girl shirt?
Jeremy: "I'm not."
Jackson: "Uh-huh. That's a pink girl shirt and I don't like it."
Jeremy: "Your Mommy picked this shirt out for me, and it's not a girl shirt. It's just a light pink polo shirt."
Jackson: " looks like it came from the Sassy Cricket."

Even later...
Jackson: "Daddy, when I get to be 29 I'm going to be older than you!"
Jeremy: "I'm always going to be older than you."
Jackson: "Well, I'm still going to be older than you, because I'll be 29 and that's old!"

And finally...
Jackson: "Look Daddy! I can brush my teeth and scratch my head at the same time!"

They really do make life so much fun!

3 random thoughts:

Samantha said...

Precious. AND hilarious. Sometimes you wonder how they connect the dots they do and what makes them say the things they say!

Made my morning!

Nana said...

Jackson is SO SO SMART!!! Just wanta squeeze him.

Kay said...

That boy is a a good way, of course! Totally made my morning.

My hubs wouldn't wear a pink shirt, even if I picked it out, so maybe Jackson's on to something! LOL

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