Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Dozen

1. What is your favorite Mexican dish?
I love, love, love the cheese dip at Mexican restaurants, but my favorite dish would have to be chicken fajitas, with the onions really done!

2. When you were a kid, did you get started on your homework right away after school, or did you procrastinate?
I was definitely a procrastinator. Ask my Mom.

3. What is your favorite store for home furnishings?
I love Hobby Lobby for knick knacks and picture frames. Does that count? As far as furniture is concerned, I've only really shopped at the store of Mom and Dad!

4. When you were young, did you like school lunches?
Sad to say, but yes! Especially school pizza!

5. Is religion a crutch?
I'm a little confused by this question. I would like to think that my Christian faith is more important to me "religious" semantics.

6. In your region, what is the "big" (most popular in the community or state) high school sport?
Hands down, high school football dominates around here. My high school Alma mater is really good too, winning several state championships over the last few years. Go Lions!

7. Do you consider yourself rich?
Compared to the rest of the world, there is no question that we've been richly blessed. I can't complain!

8. Which of these would you have the best chance for success in administering:
B) Heimlich Maneuver
C) Changing a flat tire
My Dad is probably laughing at the mere thought of me changing a tire, so I'm going to have to go with CPR or Heimlich since I'm certified in both.

9. Which dance would you prefer to learn & why:
A) Salsa
B) Hip Hop
C) Waltz
D) Swing
When I went to Puerto Rico for missions trips some of the girls taught us some salsa moves that I've long since forgotten. I would love to know more because it was really fun, not to mention a great workout!

10. What's the worst news you've ever delivered to someone?
I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

11. Name something you learned in college that had nothing to do with classes or academics.
I learned that I loved Auburn. When I first moved to campus I was 17, almost 18, and it was for band camp two weeks before school started. As my parents were moving me into my apartment, I had to go to my first day of college band practice, and y'all, I was a little fish in a big pond of flag twirling college girls. I was so used to being one of the best twirlers at my high schoool, and at the college level, I was just another flag. Everyone was so nice, but I was so overwhelmed at the difficulty of the twirling that I didn't think I could ever learn what they were doing. At one point our flag captain said, "Now tomorrow when you come back you're going to learn this" and then proceeded to twirl a flag like I had never seen done. My first thought was, "Tomorrow they may be learning that, but I'm not coming back!" I then went back to my apartment, pulled my parents into my room, and told them that I wanted to go back home.

To my parents credit, they told me that I had made a commitment and that I had to stick it out, but that if I wanted to come home after the semester was over then we would discuss that later. I cried and begged and pleaded, but it was no good. My parents left me in Auburn and I was outraged! How dare they not care enough to take me home! Well, as I'm sure you know, I ended up living in Auburn for 4 years, and was a part of the Auburn band for 2 years, and I loved it! Parents really do know best, even when they have to teach a lesson by showing tough love!

12. New variation on an old question: If there's a song in your head that just won't get out, what is your favorite (or most repeated) line in that song?
Zac Brown Band, Toes: I got my toes in the water, toes in the sand / Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand / Life is good today, life is good today ...

Have a great day!

3 random thoughts:

Mom said...

Loved your post. Have a great trip. Send pictures.

Kay said...

Yes, the onions MUST really be cooked. I've had fajitas at a couple fancy places and they were raw. Ga-ross! Love fajitas!

I was annoyed by #5 and didn't even want to go there for #10.

Rachel said...

So the question is, can you STILL twirl that flag all fancy??? :)

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