Thursday, August 12, 2010


The other night I had a killer headache and was lounging on the couch trying to relax. Jeremy came into the room, and in a moment of weakness that I can only blame on the tremendous pain radiating from my head, I relinquished the remote control. For as long as I've known Jeremy he's always wanted to share his movies with me. The problem lies in the fact that our movie interests are very different, and I generally view his movie choices as torture and vice versa. So on this night as I lay there with my eyes closed trying to ease the throbbing in my head, Jeremy began to channel surf. After a few seconds I heard him say, "This is such a great movie. You'll love it!" Imagine my delight when I open my eyes and see this:

Clearly he's learned me inside and out during our almost 9 years of marriage...

Me: "I'm not watching Rambo."
Jeremy: "But this is such a good movie. It's the last in the series, don't you want to know how Rambo ends?"
Me: (Dumbfounded Silence)
Jeremy: "See, Rambo is just back home in the United States and----"
Me: "Stop. I'm not interested because believe it or not, I don't care what happens to Rambo."
Jeremy: "But he--"
Me: "Doesn't matter....I don't feel good, my head is killing me, and I really don't need to know anything about Rambo. Please find something else."

So Jeremy begins to surf and once again I hear, "This is such a good movie. You'll love it!"
I open my eyes this time and see this:

Obviously he's not getting any warmer...

Me: "Jeremy, you have got to be kidding me."
Jeremy: "But this is the one where---"
Me: "Let me guess...Rocky fights someone? It doesn't matter to me. I'm begging you to find a movie we both like."
Jeremy: "Fine. But when Rocky goes to fight--"
Me: "You're killing me."

So Jeremy begins to surf again and then I hear, "This is such a good movie. You'll love it!" I open my eyes this time and see this:

I give up.

I promptly got up and went to bed with instructions to wake me when he found Steel Magnolias, Pretty Woman or Dirty Dancing because clearly he's sadly mistaken if he thinks that Rambo, Rocky or Maverick star in any of the movies I love!

4 random thoughts:

Single Dad Laughing said...

Haha, love it. Reminds me of all the hours wasted when I was married trying just to decide what movie we should watch. I don't know why women are never in the same movie moods as their counterparts.

Single Dad Laughing

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

But the volleyball scene in Top Gun! It makes the whole movie worth it.

Jeni said...

Come on, now! Top Gun? I will watch that one annnnyyy day!

Kay said...

I can understand the first two...but Top Gun??? I guess it's no Steel Magnolias though. : )

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