Friday, August 20, 2010

This Post Brought To You By Jeremy

Due to Amy being unable to write her blog today, I feel it is my responsibility as her husband to at least attempt to write something that hopefully she will approve of. Where do I start? Well, if you’re wondering what’s wrong with the bloggy queen, she possibly has a pinched nerve in the tricep area of her left arm from toting Jackson around, and needless to say, is not in the mood to type right now.

Being the trained husband I am, I have been doing what I can to help out with cooking and cleaning. Just call me Mr. Belvadere. Amy is the most amazing wife and mother that anybody could ask for. She’s also a great writer and loves telling of the many escapades of our family, especially Jackson. Amy has told me on numerous times how much she loves reading all the blogs she follows, and feels like she knows each family personally, to the point that she would travel far and wide to meet some of you that she keeps in close contact with. I’m fine with her traveling to meet her bloggy buddies as long as they are footing the bill!

I know this post isn’t as funny as what you are used to reading from Amy, but at least I kept true to her form today by doing a post each day of the week. Heaven forbid she miss a day. *sarcasm* With that, I’ll shut up and wish everyone a wonderful day and weekend.

P.S. This is the first time I have ever written anything on a blog and reading what I just wrote, I hope she has not lost any readers from this post. Hopefully Amy will be back soon!

4 random thoughts:

Samantha said...

Get better soon Amy!

And not because we don't enjoy posts from Jeremy - they too are funny!

The Jones' said...

Good job, Jeremy! You are a good hubby! Hope Amy feels better soon.

Kay said...

Hope you feel better soon, Amy!

Rachel said...

That's it. I'm hitting unsubscribe.

Just kidding! That was a wonderful guest post!

I hope you feel better soon, Amy!!!

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