Monday, August 02, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

  • I had a end of the year pool party for my 5th and 6th grade missions class on Friday night. Jackson came to hang out with me and he was the hit of the party. He was showing off in front of my girls every chance he got! Now, thanks to the girls, Jackson is a master at doing jumping spins off the diving board. I'll post videos soon!

  • Our church did "My Jerusalem" mission projects on Saturday. There were tons of options to pick from like painting, cleaning schools and yard work. I chose to go to a local assisted living home and play bingo with the residents. I had such a good time. I met tons of fun and spunky senior ladies, many of whom were well into their 90's, who were just a mess! We took lots of bingo prizes, and the residents were so appreciative of us coming and spending a few hours with them. But you know what? I had just as good of a time as the residents did. In fact, I loved it so much that I'm planning on going back in a few weeks with my missions class.

  • Taking a three hour nap on Saturday afternoon is just about the best feeling ever. That is until it's midnight Saturday night and you're still wide awake from sleeping so much in the afternoon.

  • Speaking of midnight; As of midnight on July 31st, my service on nominating committee at church officially came to an end. I served a three year term a few years ago, and a year or so into my break I was asked to come back onto the committee as chair to fill a vacancy. That means that I served almost 5 out of 6 years on the committe, the last two of which I was chairman. I have never been so happy to see the clock strike midnight, and I'm sure if you were listening closely you heard my shouts of praise being lifted up!

  • I found out that stepping on a McDonalds Optimus Prime transformer will hurt like a son-of-a-gun, and will leave a very unique impression on the bottom of your foot.

  • And I'm sick of the heat. It's been hot as Hades here in the South, and I'm beyond ready for cooler weather, because frankly, I'm tired of sweat running down into places that it has no business being. Nuff said!

  • And Jackson is sleeping in big boy underwear tonight! He's been dry for the past week or so, and we're ready to give it a shot. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we've bought our last pack of night-time pull-ups!

  • And apparently God told Jackson the other day that there's going to be a baby in my tummy and it's going to be a little boy. There was no timetable given on his prophecy, but you better believe that my curiosity has been peaked! I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

3 random thoughts:

Samantha said...

I bet BINGO was a blast! I live in an apartment complex that could be considered a retirement home and I just love it. I get stopped by the elderly that live there all the time, but it makes me smile!

Kay said...

I hear ya on just about all of those. I hate stepping on toys!!!

And I am pretty tired of the heat too. And yes, sweat does go places it has no business. And yes, 'nuff said! : )

Ditto on the naps too.

I soo hear ya on the pull ups. Those things are expensive! I'll be praying he gets the hang of it and keeps things on the dry side.

Bingo sounds fun too. I love it! :)

Mom said...

Awesome weekend!!! You just didn't know how much fun you would have playing bingo at an assisted living home -- and you didn't mention the "air conditioning." Also wonderful that the church nursery and preschool project is almost finished. The rooms look great -- fresh paint, new "homemade" curtains (thanks to Debra Platt), clean toys, clean floors, clean carpet, clean everything!!! First through fourth grades -- fresh paint, clean carpet, new curtains. Instead of a spring cleaning, we had a "before school" cleaning.

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