Wednesday, September 08, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday


Hands down I have the cutest Auburn galoshes, baseball underwear, cowboy hat, pirate hat, Batman cape wearin’ kid that ever was!

4 random thoughts:

Mom said...

You got that right!! Best ever!!
I so love that little guy. Just out of the blue yesterday at the zoo, he said, "I love you Nana!" I love you too Jackson -- to the sun and back. And the best -- I love you more than snakes. Thank you Jackson. Now that's UP THERE!!

AmyKnight said...

Oh my word. That boy is gonna be mad at you one day for that picture, but right now we can enjoy his cuteness!

Kay said...

There's (another) photo for the first girlfriend! LOL

But what a cutie pie! : )

Kellyn said...

He's gonna kill you one day and burn all this evidence!

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