Friday, September 03, 2010

Ask Jeremy Anything Answers

I'm so glad that y'all didn't make me look like a "no comment" loser yesterday with my first ever, and maybe not last, edition of Ask Jeremy Anything. I promised answers, so here goes!

AmyKnight asked, "Who is your favorite sister?"
Well, it was a tough call, but I'm going to have to say that the original Amy Wade is my favorite sister!

Soyna asked, "How many items will I enter in the Autauga County Fair? What do you recommend? Also, I have made quite a bit of regular pepper sauce this year and i still have peppers. Do I give it away? Do I still make more? Do I "waste" my peppers?"
You will submit 10 pepper sauces and relishes into the fair, and as usual, I predict several blue ribbons in your future. As for the pepper sauce, you could always make me more since I still have more taste buds to burn off!

Candy at Keeping Up With the Jones' asked, "First of all I am laughing because of the loser comment! Ha! And I don't know if you need anymore questions since your Favorite mom in law has already asked them all! : )

But, seriously, I have migraines too and just wonder how you are with Amy when she has hers? I am going to compare you and David...."
Usually with Amy I just play off her mood and what she says during the migraine. If she asks for a back rub, she gets it; If she asks to take a nap and tries to sleep it off, I keep Jackson occupied. Basically, I just do what she asks. It works best that way for all involved! Last night I gave her a good back rub and sent her to bed. She woke up feeling much better so I guess it worked.

She also asked, "What do I like and dislike about my job?"
Tough question. For those of you who don't know, I have been a funeral director for 7 years. I like making a difference for families when they are in need of guidance and even a shoulder to cry on. This is a profession that I feel that some people are called to do, and I know that this is where I'm supposed to be in my life.

The hard part of this job is that this is a very stressful job with a very busy schedule, performing 10 or more funerals a week. I take care of the details, big or small, so that families I work with don't have to worry about anything. I see people at their most vulnerable point, see and hear heartbreaking things, and sometimes have crazy hours. I know that without God's strength I wouldn't be able to do it.

Ethan, Zach and Emma's Mom asked, "How did you propose to Amy?"
The short version is that I asked and received her Dad's permission, took her out to dinner, and proposed to her at her parents house when we got back home.

The long version is that her Mom and I schemed to get Amy out of the house by sending her to the store to get some Tylenol so that I would have time to talk to Amy's Dad. Amy pretty much pitched a hissy fit that she didn't want to go to the store when she could walk next door and ask the neighbors for some Tylenol. So I ended up going with her to the store just to keep up the charade, and I ended up asking her Dad when Amy was getting ready for dinner.

So that night I asked Amy to pick where she wanted to go for dinner. I suggested places like Olive Garden or Outback. Amy insisted she wanted to go to Taste Good, a local Chinese buffet, and no amount of discussion would change her mind. She's somewhat stubborn like that.

So after our romantic dinner that included multiple trips back to the buffet for egg drop soup and fried rice, we went back to her parents house. I had been teasing her for a long time by getting down on one knee like I was going to propose. Well, that night I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and before I could open the box and say anything, Amy's first words were, "You better not be joking with me!"

I have no idea what I said as I actually proposed, I just know that she said yes, and here we are almost 9 years later, and the rest is history!

And Anonymous asked, "What's it like being married to such an amazing woman?"
Well, even though I have a feeling this question is from Amy, I'm going to humor her and answer it. Amy is one in a million, and I'm so glad she's a part of my life! She's a great mother, wife and my best friend. And even though there's little in my life that is private thanks to her blog, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Thanks for the questions. I hope she didn't lose too many more readers this go around. Take care and I'll be back next time she needs a guest poster!

4 random thoughts:

Kay said...

I've told Amy and now I'll tell you too..that I think what you do for families in your line of work is simply amazing. We had an incredible director when we lost our son and it made all the difference. They were so kind to us when we were numb, exhausted and drained. I'm glad to see such a wonderful person in this profession!

The Jones' said...

Good job, Jeremy!

Soyna said...

Jeremy, you did a GREAT job!

Rachel said...

Fun answers!!!

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