Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Best I Can Do Under These Circumstances

I had this really fun blog post that I was going to write tonight where I would tell you all about how the other day Jackson told his whole class that I was pregnant (which I’m not!). I walked into his school only to have his teacher congratulate me on our new addition. I quickly set the record straight only to have Jackson say, “Yes you do have a baby in your tummy!” Good times, I tell ya!

And then I was going to tell you that we just got a family membership to the zoo this weekend, which just so happens to pay for itself in only 2 trips to the zoo, which makes it completely worth it. We took Jackson on Saturday, and while we were there it was hot as Hades, but we had a great time.

And I was also going to tell you about how Jackson is wearing his Spiderman and “Eye-Ron” man costumes around the house all the time, and it’s just about the cutest thing ever. I keep waiting for him to ask me if he can wear the costume to Wal-Mart. When he does, you better believe that I’m going to get pictures!

Yeah, I was going to tell you all about that stuff, but my attention has been focused on watching the premiere of Dancing With the Stars, and sadly, I’m way too interested in watching Bristol Palin and Jennifer Grey strut their stuff to write tonight.

So I’ll catch up with y’all later. Jennifer’s about to be up and out of loyalty to Dirty Dancing and the memory of Patrick Swayze, I need to focus!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

I watched it too. : ) Very interesting...although I tend to skip the actual dancing part and switch to QVC. Weird, I know.

godzilla22 said...

How big is the zoo and much were the tickets?

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