Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Dozen

1. Do you believe, somewhere deep inside, that blondes do indeed have more fun? That they are "dumber" than brunettes or redheads? Be honest! I think hair color has absolutely nothing to do with having more fun, or being “dumber” than other people. I know plenty of people that have perfected the art of being a dumb brunette, and likewise many blondes that play dumb, but are actually really smart.

2. Which animal would you most like to observe in its wild habitat? Giraffes and elephants on an African safari.

3. This week the U.N. announced that Dr. Mazlan Othman has been appointed the official "Alien Ambassador," should any extraterrestrials contact us. Have you, or has anyone you know, ever seen a UFO? My Dad claims that he saw something at the lake in the middle of the night when he was younger. He’s not the kind to believe in stuff like that, so when he told me that I was surprised.

4. Name your favorite Hitchcock film. I saw about 5 minutes of that bird movie of his once and it creeped me out.

5. Would you rather spend time at the library, the mall, a craft store or home? It depends on whose money I’m spending. I love the mall, but Hobby Lobby is a gold mine of fun stuff.

6. Which Disney princess is your favorite? (Or Disney character, if you are a guy) When I was a kid I loved Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, but then Ariel stole my heart. I used to pretend that I was a mermaid when I was swimming in our pool.

7. What kind of art is your favorite? What kind of question is this?

8. How do you feel about viral videos, that is, videos made by amateurs that end up on Youtube receiving thousands of hits? I’m not big on watching viral videos, but not because I have anything against them. I just don’t actively seek out youtube videos to watch.

9. Where do you buy your jeans? Probably JC Penny or Old Navy.

10. Tell me about your first automobile accident. My first accident “unofficial” accident happened when I was almost 15, and I drove through my parents fence. Not fun!

My first “official” accident happened when I was sixteen, a mere 3 hours after I got my driver’s license. My Dad had taken me to get my license and dropped me back off at school. He picked me up later from band practice so I could drive home. It had been raining, so the roads were still really slick, and one of my friends mother’s rear-ended me at a stop sign. I was so upset, but it didn’t even leave a dent in the fender! I just couldn’t believe my luck that only 3 hours after getting my driver’s license I had gotten into an accident. That, my friends, takes talent!

11. Have you ever been honest when you knew you would benefit more if you would be dishonest? Yes, and it was really hard to do, but I was so proud of myself for being truthful. Honesty really is the best policy!

12. If you were appointed "Ambassador to Aliens," what would you show and tell first about life on Earth? What would be the most difficult thing to explain? I don’t know about this “first” and “most difficult” stuff, but I would tell them a few things:

• Don’t judge us by the cast of “The Jersey Shore” or any bride featured on “Bridezillas.”
• Don’t listen to PETA: beef, pork and chicken are delicious!!!
• Global warming is a big scam!
• Rush Limbaugh is one of the smartest men alive!
• You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a big bowl of cheese grits.

Have a great day!!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Glad you thought the art question was a "psssth, I dunno" just like I did! LOL

Loved loved loved #12 too! Is Jersey Shore the show with that guy from DWTS? If so...OK..The situation is that "The Situation" is a dumb name!

MommieDaze said...

Love that last question. My SIL is married to an Aussie. He's not an alien, but she says that Australians think Americans are just like the TV shows, and movies that they see from here.

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