Monday, October 18, 2010

The Weekend Was So Busy I’m Still Spinning…

We had a crazy busy weekend around Wade’s World. It started off at the unholy hour of 6:30 Saturday morning when we hit the road with my Mom to go to the Georgia Aquarium. We had gotten 4 free tickets several months ago when we bundled phone, internet and cable and the stars finally aligned for us to make our trip.   The trip took longer than normal because somebody, ahem Jeremy, has the bladder the size of a raisin.  We finally got there and found out that everyone in Georgia had the same idea as us; the place was packed.  Talk about being squeezed in like sardines! We saw everything the aquarium had to offer, and after 4 hours we had our fill. Jackson had a great time, but had been somewhat of a stinker during the trip and Jeremy’s only response as we were leaving was “I’m just glad we didn’t pay for these tickets.”  We got home and practically crashed. 

Then I had the brilliant idea of making our annual trip to the pumpkin patch after church on Sunday.  What was I thinking? We had a great time with my parents and Kellyn and Jason, but we were so tired when we got home. Well, Jeremy and I were tired, but Jackson was still going ninety to nothing!

So much for a relaxing weekend, but I wouldn’t have missed spending it with my family for anything.  Pictures will be posted soon.  Have a great day.

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Kay said...

What a busy weekend. You make me tired just reading all of that. We have a couple of really cool aquariums, but haven't visited them in a few years. Hmm...that might be a fun field trip one day.

Looking forward to pix! : )

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