Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Get Out The Vote

If you have been reading me for any amount of time then you probably know that politically I’m a die-hard conservative, and I freely admit that I’m obsessed with Rush LImbaugh and Sean Hannity. I think our government has gotten way too big, and it’s time we change things. I’ve tried lately to stay off my bandwagon, but it’s been hard. There is absolutely nothing that I support that this administration has done. I’ve realized that on the political spectrum I lean so far to the right that I might as well be laying down.

So today, I’m excited! It’s Mid-Term Election Day!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

Here’s what I’m hoping for today:

  • Republicans/Conservatives take over the House of Representatives, including in my own district which would make me very happy .
  • Nancy Pelosi loses her job and that evil smirk of hers is wiped off of her face. That would make me very, very happy!
  • Republicans/Conservatives take over the Senate, and that my Senator keeps his job.
  • Harry Reid loses his job and has to return to Nevada where the unemployment rate will be 1 higher!
  • President Obama will be in tears by the end of the day because he knows his agenda will be done!

So the way I see it is that today is just the beginning of the end of the Obama era, and I’m so excited over the possibility of what could happen politically today. Please, whatever you do, GET OUT THE VOTE!!! Our future is riding on your ballot!


3 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Just got back from voting. Woot! Love your little emblem, by the way. It could be funny if the mess we're in weren't so bad.

Lisa said...

I love it! Can I copy and post it word for word??? Go Republicans!!

Wade's World said...

Feel free to copy and post. As long as we're spreading the word, I've got no problem!!

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