Friday, November 19, 2010

I Guess Better Late Than Never

We found our lost camera cord, and I realized that I never shared the pictures of the cutest Ninja Turtle that ever was. I know that November is halfway over, but if I didn’t share them sooner or later, I just couldn’t live with myself! So enjoy!

100_2171 - Copy

See…I told you he was the cutest Ninja Turtle ever!

100_2172 - Copy

100_2173 - Copy

Jackson was a little nervous around his 2 favorite Superheroes

100_2174 - Copy

100_2175 - Copy

100_2176 - Copy

Who knew Raphael was good at golf?

100_2179 - Copy

Look who warmed up to the Superheroes!

100_2180 - Copy

My nephew Luke was a little stinker for Halloween!


Jackson and Tinkerbell, I mean Gracie!

100_2187 - Copy

I’m giving a thumbs up to this Halloween stuff!



Not only was our turtle great at golf, he’s also a champion horse rider!

Have a great weekend!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Sooo cute! Yes, better late than never. Love it. : )

Rachel said...

He's adorable! Love it!

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