Monday, December 13, 2010

A Wonderful Wedding Weekend

My family has known the Webb family since I was 4 years old. We lived next door to each other and us 4 girls were practically inseparable. I was 2 years older than Allison, who was 2 years older than Kellyn, who was 2 years older than Crystal (when she came along.) Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sharon are practically my second parents, and I love Allison and Crystal like sisters.

Life has taken us in many different directions over the last few years: Allison now lives in Italy with her husband and 3 boys, and Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sharon live in Denver. They got transferred out there just after Crystal graduated from high school, so Crystal lived with my parents when she was home from college. She has stayed with them off and on for the last 6 years, and now it seems that my parents finally have an empty nest.

This weekend my 3rd sister Crystal married her high school sweetheart, Tim. The wedding was a beautiful event about an hour away from where we live. Crystal looked amazing, and her dress could have been made for her it looked so perfect. It was an outdoor wedding, and unfortunately rain was in the area. We had just gotten to the wedding and got seated when it started to rain. We quickly went inside for a few minutes and then the rain stopped. We sat back down, and the rain started again. It quit for a few minutes and we headed back outside, and the weather cooperated for just enough time.

The wedding was great, and the only glitches, other than the rain, were that the unity candle wouldn't stay lit because of the wind, and Tim forgot Crystal's wedding ring in the trunk of his car! You read that right; the groom forgot the bride's ring. We were seated on the third row and as I realized what was happening when they got to the ring portion of the ceremony, I quickly slipped off my wedding band and handed it to my Dad to run it up to the alter for Tim. It was so funny! I'll always remember that moment, and it's so funny that Crystal got married to Tim wearing my wedding band!

Here is a picture of Crystal with her bridesmaids, Allison was the matron of honor with the red and white roses, and then an engagement picture of Crystal and Tim.

I want to wish the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith the best! I'm so very happy for both of you. Welcome to the family Tim!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

That is so cute about the ring. What a fun memory! : ) Love the pretty colors..perfect for a December wedding!

Mom said...

Isn't that a fabulous picture of Crystal and her attendants. Crystal and Allison are so beautiful inside and out. Beautiful beautiful wedding. Tim is now officially a part of our family.

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