Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ask Amy Anything Answers

I got lots of great questions on last weeks edition of "Ask Amy Anything." Here go the answers!

Shelby Baker asked, "Natural birth or epidural? Vaginal or cesarean?"
I wish that I could at least pretend that I was open to the idea of having a natural birth, but I'm just not that good of a person! I would have the epidural hooked up now if I could, just so I don't have to face any potential pain. I remember being terrified of actually having the epidural put in, and my Mom saying, "Just wait until you feel those contractions!" I thought she was crazy, until I actually felt a contraction. From that point on I've firmly believed that epidurals are a gift from God!

And since I didn't have to have a C-section with Jackson, I'm hoping that I can have another regular delivery this time. My labor was only 6 hours with Jackson, so I'm crossing my fingers that I have another experience just like it.

Esther asked, "Do you have a favorite baby outfit from Jackson that you can't wait to put the new baby in? Aaannnddd, are you sharing names??????????
Jackson came home from the hospital in one of Jeremy's Feltman brothers outfits, so we might do that again. Also, I had a Pokey (from Gumby) shirt that was just the cutest little tee on Jackson, and I can't wait to pull that out again!

And yes, we will share the baby's name once we nail it down. We want to use something that starts with an "A", so if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them!

Trish asked, "Was going to ask about baby names, but I see in your last post that you and Jeremy are still deciding. Can't wait to hear! Just for kicks, what would you have named the baby if he had been a she?? Did you have a girl name narrowed down?"
Consider it Murphy's Law of Gender; we most definitely were more settled on a girls name than we are on a boys name right now. We had narrowed things down to Charlotte, Harper or Maegan, all with the middle name of Elizabeth. Charlotte and Harper because of how Southern they are, and Maegan after my grandmother's middle name, of Mae. Elizabeth is a big family name on both sides of the family, so that was a given.

And, "What is Jackson most excited about teaching/showing his "baby brother boy"? Have you decided how to decorate new baby boy's room? So excited for your family!"
Jackson is just thrilled about everything "boy" related. He is especially excited about showing the baby his karate moves, but he knows that he can't demonstrate his moves on the baby for a long, long time!

And right now I'm looking at lots of themes: frogs, animals, airplanes and lots more. There is so much to choose from, and its a tough decision!

Kellyn asked, "When do you want Jackson's borrowed items back so you can use them with Baby Wade? The swing is getting Luke in trouble as he keeps trying to pull up on it and had to get his first spanking the other night over the swing!!"
I have no where to put the stuff right now! How about letting me get my office cleaned out and ready for the baby, and then I'll get the stuff back! And Luke is entirely too cute to be getting spankings already! Just put the swing in your office, shut the door, and we'll get it back soon!

Candy asked, "I am far too ready to know a name! Hurry up! : ) Are you letting Jackson help pick a name since you named Kellyn? And are you using the same Giraffe/Jungle theme for this baby "whatever his name is" : )Ha-Ha!"
Part of the delay in announcing a name is that we have two first names we like, and two middle names we like, but we're still accepting nominations that start with the letter "A". One of the names was Jackson's suggestion, and right now it is still the front runner, but we're having a tougher time with the middle name.

And yes, Jackson definitely has a big say in the name because I don't feel as though I can tell him that he can't, especially considering that I insisted on naming Kellyn. He doesn't have the final say, yet, but his opinion is a BIG factor for us. I've had some people comment to me that Jackson's opinion shouldn't matter, but it does! He's the big brother, and I want to make sure that he feels as though he is a part of all the excitement. I want to start the sibling stuff on the right foot, and including him is definitely part of that for us.

And we won't use the exact same baby stuff, but I also haven't ruled out another giraffe/jungle room!

That's it for today! Thanks for the great questions!

6 random thoughts:

Kay said...

I didn't have any trouble with epidurals either and didn't even care when they put mine in. JUST DO IT ALREADY. : )

I learned along the way to skip doing the room real baby'ish because that way, it will last longer and maybe you can skip one 'redo'. $$$ And they don't know any diff anyway.

Anonymous said...

Names starting with A:

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear the story of how you named your sister!

The Jones' said...

I hope you go with Jackson's suggestion. BUT I love the name Asher from the Bible and there is a cute,cute little boy at our church named Asher. So, I always thought if I had a boy I would name him that. I also like Andrew and Adam (a fave of mine).

The Jones' said...

Oh, and I know you were proud to name Kellyn and Mary Garner has been so very proud of naming Molly Kate. Thankfully, it was a pretty and useable name! So, again my suggestion is to let Jackson help all he can. It will just make him feel great!

Kellyn said...

We thought about Asher, but, like I told Amy, we changed our minds when we thought about kids learning his name around two and him saying his name and not getting Asher, but instead A**er(think toddler-speak)!!! We quickly left that name alone after that!!! Made me sad...I really liked that name, too!

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