Thursday, January 20, 2011

Urine Luck Today

Please pardon the blog title. I just couldn't help myself!

We've been having some minor potty issues with Jackson lately, mostly because it seems as though he is too busy playing to take time to go to the potty. It gets quite frustrating because Jeremy and I both are constantly asking him if he needs to go, but he's always saying no. Then he has a minor leaky accident and he very quietly tries to change his own underwear.

Oh yes, that boy of mine is a sneaky mess.

And if it's not bad enough that he's busy trying to sneak around the house changing his own britches, he's quite clever in his retorts when you ask him about his accidents.

Just the other day, Jackson "leaked" a little bit and Jeremy caught him changing his pants.

Jeremy: "Jackson, why did you not go to the potty?"
Jackson: "This was NOT my fault."
Jeremy: "Well then whose fault was it?"
Jackson: "It was my winky's fault!"
Jeremy: "Jackson, you control your winky."
Jackson: "I do NOT control my winky because I don't have a remote control for it!"

And then last night Jackson came up to me wearing his Superman cape and told me that he had to tell me a secret. I leaned in close...

Jackson: "Can you see if I'm wet?" (He was...just a dribble.)
Me: "Jackson, you know better than that. You should be going to the potty."

Then, in a moment of parental brilliance, I zeroed in on his Superman cape and said, "Superman doesn't have potty accidents."

Without missing a beat, Jackson replied, "Well, even Superman was a kid once!"

5 random thoughts:

Samantha said...

HILARIOUS. Just plain HILARIOUS. I love it.

Kay said...

Oh my gosh. So clever and funny! I guess Superman was a kid once, wasn't he..cuz we've seen the movie! LOL

I think the key here isn't just to ask, but to take. If he already has to stop what he's doing cuz you're waltzing him to the potty, me might be more likely to go. And if he does, urine luck! : D

Mo said...

He has definitely inherited your wit ... and Tata's.

The Jones' said...

He is too smart for his britches or "undies" I should say. Cannot wait to see what the next little Wade guy comes up with!

Rachel said...

Those are BRILLIANT retorts!! I love it!!

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