Monday, March 28, 2011

He's Too Sexy For His Boot

Y'all know that I'm married to the sweetest, most loving, caring, and accident prone man alive, right? If you are new to Wade's World, or just need a recap of his injuries, you can find his accidental adventures here. It's been awhile since Jeremy injured himself, and as he put it himself, he was overdue. Saturday he took care of keeping his record intact.

Saturday afternoon our hand-me-down TV that was given to us by my parents bit the dust. It was a 32 inch "older" model TV that probably weighed about 60 pounds. We had our smaller TV in the office and Jeremy decided to go ahead and swap the TV's out late Saturday evening. He got the big TV out of the entertainment center, put the smaller TV in, and was in the process of trying to move the big TV into the office to get it out of the way when it happened. It all started off so innocently. Since I'm pregnant, and obviously can't be lifting heavy objects, Jeremy decided to have me hold the cord of the TV so he wouldn't trip on it as he carried the TV into the office.

Let the record show that I told him not to pick the TV up.

I suggested that Jeremy "walk" the TV into the office because it was so heavy, but Jeremy decided that my method would take too long. So instead, he picked the TV up (remember, it's an older model, meaning that it was pretty large and oddly shaped). He made it all the way into the office when he stumbled just a little bit and the TV slipped from his hands and the edge of the TV fell directly onto the top of his feet.

In case you missed it earlier, it was about 60 pounds of TV that squared the top of his feet, but mostly landed on his right foot.

Jeremy went down like a ton of bricks, and I sat there in shock that once again Jeremy had managed to injure himself. After a second or two Jeremy got up and was hobbling around the room. I asked him if he needed to go get it x-rayed, and Jeremy said that he thought it was just bruised. It was about that time that Jackson walked into the room and asked Jeremy what foot he had hurt. When Jeremy said that it was his right foot, Jackson decided that it was the perfect time to stomp on Jeremy's foot. I kid you not.

Jeremy hit the ground again, and I was left in shock again. Jackson did get in big trouble for his little stunt, and Jeremy hobbled to the couch. He decided just to take some Tylenol and ice his foot and not to go to the doctor. By Sunday morning his foot was really bruised and red, and he could barely walk. After showing his foot to some ladies at our church that are nurses, I nagged him to death until he agreed to go to Primed after we ate lunch to get it checked out.

After a few hours wait it was determined that Jeremy did in fact have a hairline fracture on the top of his right foot. He is now the proud owner of a new sexy, orthopedic boot that he will wear for a week or so until his foot heals. And after his foot heals, his new boot can join his crutches and knee braces in the attic, until Jeremy's next adventure!

2 random thoughts:

Jessica said...

Is it wrong to think this is hilarious?? I just have such a good mental picture of the whole thing. Are you going to be able to make it tomorrow night?

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! At least it's only for a week. When I broke my foot, I was in a cast for EIGHT weeks and there was boot time before and after. It took me a long time to get over it. Glad his is minor and he'll be back to his usual accident prone self very quickly. : )

Shame on Jackson. LOL Don't you love it when your kid does something that leaves you shocked and wondering what was going through their mind? LOL

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