Monday, March 21, 2011

Today is 4D Day!

This past weekend we headed to Hattiesburg, MS for Jeremy's grandfather's funeral. It was a really nice service, and the life of a wonderful man was remembered. It's hard for me to imagine that Anderson will never know the fun of having a great-grandparent, but I do know that Anderson will know all about his Papaw. He was a truly remarkable man, and I'm so proud that I knew him.

While we were there for the visitation and service, we were in a holding pattern with Jeremy's sister, Amy. She is in Starkville, MS and wasn't able to attend the service because she is 39 weeks pregnant. She was having contractions all weekend and we were pretty certain that she was going to have Cameron. Well, she's still holding on! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new little man, but I'm glad that the stress of the week hasn't been too much for Amy to handle.

As if a funeral and a pending arrival weren't enough, we got word on our way to MS that my Dad was being readmitted to the hospital for an infection at the site of his heart catheterization. Luckily he didn't waste anytime when he noticed that the site looked infected and he was admitted a few hours later to treat a staph infection. He's doing really good now, but we would greatly appreciate your prayers that life would just be quiet for a little while!

And today is 4D day! We're going to the doctor at 9:30 to see Anderson and we couldn't be more excited. I'll post pictures soon, and I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care!

2 random thoughts:

Lisa said...

Good Luck today! and lots of prayers being sent to you!

The Jones' said...

I can't wait to see the pics. I know this is an exciting time. Seems like everything else gets thrown in too. Have been praying for all of you and will continue.

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