Monday, March 07, 2011

The Weekend In A Nutshell

  • Jackson had strep. Again. For the second time since Valentines Day. Friday night started off normal enough. We decided to go out for Japanese hibachi and everything was just fine. Jackson was eating his food great, and then WHAM, just like that he was complaining that his throat hurt. Bad. I watched him for a second and realized that he looked exactly the same as he did when he had strep a few weeks ago. And I’m not exaggerating; it was literally downhill in 5 minutes. I decided to take him to the urgent care place and after an hour we were on our way home with a new prescription for an antibiotic. He seems absolutely fine now, but I think “the” talk is coming as far as getting his tonsils taken out. We’ll see what our doctor says.

  • It has rained all weekend here. I’m usually okay with the rain, since it makes everything so pretty and green, but my problem is that it’s all wet and makes doing anything fun practically impossible. I had plans this weekend to go to a craft show that takes place on the first Saturday of every month, but sadly the rain/mud kept me away since it’s an outdoor event. Instead I made Jeremy and Jackson hit up a consignment sale with me where I scored some really cute outfits for Anderson, and some pajamas for Jackson. I used to wonder why there weren’t many options at consignment sales for older kids, but after watching how rough Jackson is on clothes, I found my answer.

  • The nesting has once again been ridiculous around here. I feel like a crazy woman when I get started, but I can’t stop. We managed to clean and organize our laundry room, baker’s rack (which is nothing more than a catch-all), pie safe (another catch-all), the top of the refrigerator yet another catch-all), and all of our “food” cabinets out this weekend, not to mention washing about 18 loads of clothes. I also straightened up the magnets on our refrigerator and added a cling on calendar and memo pad to the fridge. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that I threw away a full garbage bag full of stuff that had either expired or that we were never going to eat or use again. Our cabinets are clean now and I feel so much better now that things are getting organized around here. We’re almost ready to tackle the office/future nursery, but not quite yet.

  • Jeremy's sister Amy is so close to being ready to deliver their new baby boy, Cameron. Please be in prayer for her as she goes through the last few weeks of pregnancy, especially because we all know that the last few weeks are NOT fun. I can't wait to meet my new nephew, and I pray that Amy has a smooth and easy time with everything.

  • One of our church members, Michael, has been on the heart transplant list for several years now. He had already had a heart transplant years ago, but because of issues with that heart, he needed another transplant. He had been called to UAB seven times for possible matches, only to get there and find out that he wasn’t able to receive a new heart. Several months ago he was a perfect match for the available heart, but unfortunately the heart had been damaged in transport, and wasn’t viable anymore. Saturday we got word that Michael had been called up again, and early Sunday morning Michael went into surgery to receive his new heart. It seems that everything is going great, and the heart is working perfectly. Please be in prayer for him as he recovers, as well as for the donor family who made such a loving decision to change someone else’s life in the midst of their tragedy.

I guess that’s all folks. Have a great Monday!

3 random thoughts:

Kay said...

I think I'd be hopping on that tonsil thing asap. You know things aren't going to get any easier around your house. LOL My girl gets sick like minute fine and the next minute crazy sick with something like ears or throat. It scares me. : /

Wow on the nesting..but doesn't it feel good to get it done and have a little breathing room. Praying your sil coasts through her remaining pg days and delivers easily. : )Glad to hear your friend is getting a new heart today. Praying all goes smoothly.

LT (and Max) said...

bless his heart! i'm recovering from strep right now and it's been horrible! and like jackson, it hit me like a ton of bricks on thursday! one minute i was great and the next minute i felt like i was dying!
i hope he recovers quickly. that's a lot of pain for a little guy!

Esther said...

Strep is FAST. Ethan was fine this morning, complained of a sore throat after school and by the time we got to the doctor had a 101 fever. Nasty, nasty stuff. Hope it stays away from you!

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