Monday, April 04, 2011

April Fool's Gold

Apparently the ability to produce a very strong positive pregnancy test is priceless on April Fool's Day. I was part of a scheme with a coworker to take a pregnancy test for her last Friday. Of course the test was positive, and the victim fell for it hook, line and sinker! As if that wasn't bad enough, Jeremy had to get his hair cut Friday night. We walked into the hair salon and there were two female stylists talking to each other. We've gotten our hair cut there for years now, so they know us really well. Anyways, Jeremy walked back to get his hair cut and I couldn't help but overhear the last part of the conversation between the stylists that said, "But where are we going to find a pregnant person this late at night?"

It was about that time that Ashley, Jeremy's stylist, whipped around and looked at me.

Ashley: "'re pregnant! We've been trying all day to find a pregnant person. Would you mind doing us a huge favor?"
Me: "Let me involves peeing on a stick for you."
Ashley: "How did you know?"
Me: "Because I've already done it once today!"

Since I've always got to pee, and I was fairly certain that I was already going to heck for being part of these tricks, she ended up running to dollar tree and buying two pregnancy tests for me to use, one for each of the stylists. For what was, I hope, the one and only time in my life, I took two pregnancy tests in a public restroom.

If I had really been thinking this through, I would have been charging a fee for my services. It would have been pure gold, no pun intended!

4 random thoughts:

Jessica said...

Too funny!!

Missed you all yesterday!!

Kay said...

That is funny! You'll have to hear how the joke played out next time you get your hair cut. Keep us posted! : )

SummerTyme said...

That's too funny!!! Probably not for the victims though. Ha ha ha.

Rachel said...

Yes, you definitely should have charged a fee!!!

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