Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I'll Take, "Random Things" for $200, Alex.

Being I'm entirely too busy enjoying Dancing With The Stars, I'm just going to go hodge podge tonight on y'all. Here goes...
  • I went to the OB today and had a great visit. I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant, and I've only gained 6 pounds. I'm so proud that I could shout it from the rooftop! Anderson is head down right now which completely explains why my "girls" are getting kicked all the time. And I had to get my first Rhogam shot because I am Rh negative. That's the first of two shots that I have to get, and unfortunately, neither of them is very fun.

  • Jackson is coloring right beside me now. He's got this rather adorable, yet slightly concerning "concentration" method where he sticks his tongue out the entire time he is coloring or writing. He's going to get some serious chapped lips from this, but his writing and coloring skills are amazing!

  • We are under tornado watch right now, and I'm more than slightly freaked out. Ever since the tornado hit my hometown, just 10 minutes or so from here, I've not done very good with storms. Both me and the dog need to be medicated now!

  • Jeremy and I have everything ready to register Jackson for kindergarten Wednesday morning. Be still my heart.
The end.

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Nope. Those shots aren't any fun.

I'm sure Jackson's concentrating face is adorable. We need a picture of it..and so do you. I don't want you to forget. : )

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