Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life Changing Bathtime

Jackson was in our church service this past Sunday morning and saw a boy in our church get baptized. This was Jackson's first time seeing a baptism, although he has heard about it before. Jackson bombarded me with questions after the service was over about the baptism:

"Why did Bro. Bruce put Graham under the water?"
"Did the water go up his nose?"
"Am I going to be baptized?"
"Why did he wear that white thing (the robe)?"
"Does he have to stay under the water for a long time?"

I answered all of his questions and I assumed that the subject of baptism was done for the day. Apparently I was wrong. As Jackson was taking his bath later that night I heard lots of commotion in the bathroom. Since Jeremy was in charge of bath time that night I had to find out what was going on. It turned out that Jackson was practicing baptizing himself in the bathtub over and over again. I walked into the bathroom and Jackson said, "Am I a new person now?" :)

After we answered a few more questions we realized that Jackson decided that he had been baptized enough and he moved on to baptizing Batman instead. So rest easy fellow Believers; Batman could be living in a mansion next door to you up in Heaven one day!

2 random thoughts:

Lianne said...

How funny! I'm glad Batman finally realized all his good works won't get him to Heaven. ;) Maybe he can spread the Gospel to Robin and all of the bad guys, too. Ha!

Kay said...

LOL Maybe Batman can witness to all the other rabble that hang out around your tub! : )

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