Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweet Child Of Mine

I had to leave much earlier than normal due to my travel plans Monday morning. On my way out of the door I noticed that another one of my lilies had bloomed overnight. I had been watching them closely and I made sure to show the first bloom to Jackson on Easter morning. He was just as impressed by the pretty bloom as I was, and I made sure to let him know not to touch the bloom because it might break.

On my way out of town Monday morning my cell phone rang. The caller ID showed Jeremy's number, so I answered it assuming that Jeremy was asking me something about Jackson's school stuff. I was pleasantly surprised when it was Jackson calling me from Jeremy's phone

Jackson: "Mama, did you know that your flower has two blooms on it today?"
Me: "I know! Isn't it pretty!"
Jackson: "It sure is. I made sure not to touch the middle of the flower just like you told me, and I touched the petal real, real careful!
Me: "That's good! I'm glad you were so careful."
Jackson: "I didn't break your flowers at all!"
Me: "Thank you sweetie. I hope you have a great day at school. I love you!"
Jackson: "Love you too, Mama! Bye!"

Jackson then handed the phone back to Jeremy and that's when Jeremy told me that Jackson had spotted the new bloom when they were leaving for school and he insisted that he get to tell me all about the new bloom because he knew, "Mama would be so happy!"

How I love that sweet child of mine!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

What a sweet little heart he has. So wanting to make his mommy happy. Cuuuuuute! : )

Mom said...

That so made me cry. Jackson is so precious.

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