Monday, May 09, 2011

Weekend Recap

Wow, we've had a crazy busy weekend here at Wade's World. It started off Friday night when Jeremy and I shipped Jackson off to my parent's house for the night. You remember in my confessions from Friday when I told you that I had had a meltdown in Anderson's room? Well the truth of it was that it was worse than just a little meltdown. It was a full out sob fest in his room. I think a lot of was because I know that I'm running out of time, and there is so much more to do. We're trying to turn our office into a nice baby's room, and the truth of it is that we have no where for the "office" stuff to go. I think I had Jackson's nursery completely finished about 3 months before he arrived, so for me to be down to less than 5 weeks is very stressful for me. So in the midst of my little tantrum, Jeremy wisely left the room, placed a call to my Mom and asked her if Jackson could stay over on Friday night so we could get some uninterrupted time to work in the nursery. Jackson had been trying to help, but most of all he was getting in the way of us getting any real work done.

So with Jackson over at my parents house Jeremy and I were able to make some real progress. We rearranged the furniture about 3 times before we were pleased with the layout of the room. I have a huge pile of books and stuff that we are donating to our church yard sale. I'm pretty sure we are going to end up painting the room to cover up the holes from our diplomas and pictures, and while this should have been done before we put any new furniture in the room, it's a little too late to fix that error in judgement now.

After we got done in the nursery for the night we packed Jeremy up for his deep sea fishing trip to Destin that he was taking with our church. They ended up leaving the church at 3:30 in the morning and fished all day! He didn't get home until after midnight Saturday night. Since Jackson was over at Mom's I was able to sleep in to the glorious hour of 7:30 before I got myself up to get ready for my pregnancy massage which was just perfect! I've already made Jeremy promise me another massage after Anderson is born!

After my massage I met up with Mom and Kellyn and we went to a craft show that was in the downtown area. We spent several hours checking out the booths and enjoying the beautiful day. Jackson was able to play in the creek, and by the time we got back to Nana's we were exhausted and more than ready for a nap! After nap time we met my friend Miranda and her sister for a mother's dinner out with kiddos at Olive Garden which was really yummy.

Mother's Day was really nice. Jeremy and I have both been blessed by amazing mother's and we are so lucky to have them in our lives! We went to church, ate lunch and then enjoyed a super long nap. Then we were off to Peach Park for fresh ice cream and fruit, and then back home. It's been a crazy busy weekend, but a wonderful one. Kudo's to you if you made it to the end of this post. Have a great day!

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Kay said...

Very smart to send Jackson away so you could get some work done. He no doubt had more fun and you all could really tackle the baby room. It was hard for us when Bub came, because we live in a three bedroom house. And a small one at that. And hubby is a tech nerd, so he had quite a bit of stuff...that ended up in our bedroom. It was crowded. If you have a formal living or dining room or something I would recommend converting it into an office. You will all be happier in the long run. LOL

Sounds like a nice weekend! : )

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