Monday, June 06, 2011

Change Of Plans: We'll Be Meeting Anderson In Just A Few Hours!!

I had my last regulary scheduled OB appointment this afternoon and my blood pressure was slightly up again. The doctor decided to go ahead and induce me Tuesday instead of Wednesday like we had previously scheduled. I was kinda surprised, and a little disappointed, because we were supposed to go to a minor league baseball game tonight as our last "family of 3" outing. He told us to check into the hospital around 9:00 tonight and they would start pitocin at 2:00 tomorrow morning, with him coming by around 5:00 to break my water. This is pretty similar to how it went with Jackson, so I'm hoping for another morning baby.

After we left the doctor's office I made the executive decision that we were going to go to the game anyway. If I didn't have to check in until 9:00, there was absolutely no reason that we couldn't enjoy the air conditioned suite for the game that we were given tickets to. So we headed home, packed, cleaned and got ready to go. We had an amazing time at the game, and it was wonderful spending a few calm hours with Jackson before we add another addition to the family tomorrow.

As I sit here I'm in a huge room, and the nurses are super busy so we're just hanging out waiting for the fun to get started. Jackson's first words when we walked into my room were, "Now this is what I'm talking about!" He's such a mess! My parents are on their way here to get Jackson for the night, and Jeremy's family is on their way into town and should arrive soon.

I plan on blogging for as long as I'm able, and when I can't take over anymore I'll release the reins to Jeremy or my sister. I'm super excited about meeting Anderson, but at the same time it's nerve wracking with all the unknowns that can happen during labor. Please keep us in your prayers as we go through the next few hours. It's going to be exciting!

2 random thoughts:

Esther said...

I'm praying for you as we speak. Going to bed now, maybe there will be a baby in the morning when I wake up! Blessings, friends. Can't wait to see pictures of sweet Anderson!

The Jones' said...

I am praying for you sweet lady. Cannot wait to see pics of little Anderson. I pray that you will have the peace that passes all understanding. Jackson is too cute with his little genious comments. Warning: Anderson will more than likely totally different than Jackson. Could be good or bad!?! : ) Love ya!

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