Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Difference In Baby #1 and Baby #2

I had one of those "aha" moments the other day with Anderson. I had just taken a shower and actually took the time to dry my hair and straighten it. We weren't expecting anyone, I just needed to feel a little more human. I finished up with my hair and then it was time to nurse (again!). It seems like that's all I'm doing these days. Anyways, we nursed on one side and I was burping him before we started on the other side. He was propped up all content on my shoulder when it happened; he burped and spit up all in my freshly cleaned hair which was now dripping in spit up.

Now with baby #1, I probably would have gagged and as soon as was humanly possible I would have jumped back into the shower to get cleaned up again.

With baby #2, I performed a quick sniff test of my hair (diagnosis: smell was not too bad because it wasn't formula), waited a few minutes for my hair to dry on its own, ran a brush through the newly enhanced section of hair to detangle the mess, and then proceeded to put my hair up in a pony tail for the day.

It's a good thing he's so cute!

3 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Ha, that's so funny! I'm glad you got your shower and clean hair...even if just for a little bit though. I don't think I ever missed a shower...but I remember some frantic ones with the bouncy chair in the bathroom with me. LOL Yes, things are much more laid back the second time around. And my kids both failed the sniff test since I never succeeded in using 'b' milk. :)

Miranda said...

Have you noticed any change in the softness, feel, etc of your hair since this happened? Maybe breastmilk is good for hair!

I still think this is Anderson's funniest story yet, but definitely agree-baby #2 more laid back, all the way around.

Jenna said...

So true. I was discussing that with a mom at the beach last week. #2 gets a much more relaxed version of me.

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