Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Girl Who Cried, "It's Time!"

Wednesday at work I was having some pretty bad back pain and spent most of the day sitting at my desk with a blanket rolled up behind my back trying to provide some support. I've heard about back labor, but I wasn't sure what level of back pain would actually constitute back labor. So I popped some Tylenol and tried to tough it out. Then my stomach started hurting down really low. Not contractions hurting, just general heaviness and pressure. The Tylenol didn't help, so after a few hours I took some more which also didn't help.

And here is where I'm about to make a confession to y'all: I don't really know what the beginning of labor feels like. Yes, I've had a baby before, but I was induced with Jackson so I never had to do the contractions waiting game. From my experience Wednesday, it's painfully obvious that I'm not good at this whole labor thing.

After I had been hurting pretty much the entire day at work a coworker who has had 2 kids herself, (Hi Susan E.!) convinced me that I at least needed to call the doctor. I told the nurse about my back pain and pressure and the fact that I was dilated 4 cm on Tuesday and after she spoke to my doctor I was told to head on into the hospital to get checked out.

Y'all, I really thought that this was it. I made my phone calls to let everyone know where I was going and I headed over to the hospital. I got there and met Jeremy and was hooked up to the monitors and was examined again. They asked if I was having contractions and I felt like an idiot to say that I'm just not sure. I feel lots of very sharp "twitches" but I'm not sure if they are contractions, or just my hyperactive baby. After being on the monitors for awhile it was painfully obvious, even to me, that my baby is the source of the sharp "twitches" I've been feeling. I am having contractions, just nothing intense yet. I'm also sad to report that there has been no change in the dilation amount, despite the pressure I've been feeling.

So there it is; after 38 weeks of dealing with my second pregnancy, I've become "that" woman that cried wolf about going into labor. I just knew that I was going to have Anderson today, but it seems that he's already more stubborn than his big brother!

Stay really could be any day now!

3 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Oh no! False alarm. : / Well, back labor hurts REALLY bad. I had that with my girl. It is not pretty. At. All. So! Let's hope you don't get that, k? : ) So sorry this wasn't it. : (

trishandwade said...

Boo! But, you can do it!! Not too much longer, and you will get to hold Anderson in your arms. Praying for you!!

Esther said...

Happened to me. With EACH pregnancy. Don't feel bad!

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