Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hospital Memories I'd Rather Leave Here

  1. Mesh granny panties.

  2. Industrial sized feminine products.

  3. Sleeping on puppy training pads.

  4. Backless hospital gowns.

  5. Bath towels the size of postage stamps.

  6. Toilet paper that could rival sandpaper.

  7. A VCR instead of a DVD player in our room.

  8. Vital checks at 2:00 in the morning.

  9. All modesty going out the window.

  10. Wooden rocking chair after vaginal birth.

The best part of this hospital stay? Need you even ask...

3 random thoughts:

The Jones' said...

He is so beautiful, Amy. And pics of you from the previous post you look beautiful too. Love the family picture. And of course the ones of your 2 little boys. So sweet. So glad you both are doing well. Congratulations again!

Esther said...

My goodness, he looks like his brother, doesn't he? So precious.

Can't imagine why you don't like those mesh panties... :-)

Kay said...

I had forgotten about the mesh dainties...but I had not forgotten about the total loss of modesty. I remember a nurse wanting to leave the curtain near my door open while she insisted my 'girls' be out so I could pump. I was mortified that somebody would just walk into my room and see me in all my glory.

But you definitely won the prize, so it's worth it! : )

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