Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Consider Myself Reprimanded

I got fussed at yesterday by three people in the span of less than an hour about my slacking in the blogging department . I believe it was my sister who said to me at Girls Night Out last night, "Amy, you always blog Monday through Friday, and now you maybe blog twice a week That's just not you."

I guess bringing a human into the world doesn't count as a reason to temporarily ignore my blogging responsibilities.

So here's the deal: I don't have much to blog about, especially with Jackson gone this week. Life is kinda slow right now, and my routine for the last 3 weeks has been pretty off because of a certain little guy that needs/wants/deserves some love and attention. After all, he's the newbie and what he says goes!

If I'm being honest with y'all, I should tell you that I'm not particularly good at this stay-at-home stuff, although I certainly commend those of you that do stay at home. When I do get the chance to sit at the computer for a few minutes, it seems as though there is nothing "fun" to say. We're not getting out much, although we do venture out occasionally, so I don't have any fun adventures or stories to share with y'all from our outings. I highly doubt y'all want to hear about how I've washed yet another load of clothes, because helloooo, that never stops around here now. Or I'm once again washing the million parts of Dr. Browns bottles because I do that about 4 times a day. And I'm fairly certain that y'all don't want to know about how many poopy diapers I'm changing because Anderson has definitely lived up to his "Anderson Pooper" nickname.

So with those topics out, how about I leave you with a something Jackson shared with me the other day. He happened to come into the bathroom as I was changing and I caught him staring at my stomach. I said, "Can you believe that Mama's big round belly is gone?" Jackson said, "You just look squishy like Jello now!"

Thanks kiddo!

So from now on I'll do my very best to post something Monday through Friday. It might be some new pictures, or the occasional funny story, but I can't be held responsible if the post has something to do with laundry or bottles or poopy diapers. Consider yourself warned!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Wow, guys..give the girl a break. She just popped out a baby. LOL But I have to say I'm glad to see you too. And yet I feel like I can't say much since I only crank out a post maybe once a week these days. : /

Kellyn said...

thanks, liz..made my day to read this! been looking forward to it all day! and pictures are always good. we love to see the little guy and his handsome big brother and lovely parents!

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