Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Post About Poop In My Car

Just yesterday I was telling y'all about how it feels like I don't have anything funny to share because, well, I'm not really getting out a lot. Last night, however, Jeremy and I ventured out with Anderson to go get dinner before church. Little did I know that our little venture out would in fact give me something new to share with y'all.

Jeremy and I went to our favorite Japanese steakhouse. We got there early, giving us plenty of time to get to church. In fact, we got there so early that we were seated at the hibachi table all by ourselves. This worked out nicely because about 5 minutes into our dinner, just about the time that the soup and salad came out, Anderson decided that he would start fixing his constipation issues that we had been dealing with for most of the day. After a few minutes it was clear that Anderson was finished with his business and I got up with him to take him to the bathroom to go clean him up. As I was walking towards the bathroom the sweet little Asian waitress told me that there was no changing table in the bathroom.

Can I just interrupt this story for a minute to say how much this drives me crazy! What is the point of having a huge bathroom with 5 stalls if you can't bother to put one of those folding changing tables in the bathroom? Come on folks...get with it!

Now returning to my story...I decided that the easiest thing to do in this situation would be for me to take Anderson back to my car and change his diaper on the front seat. Keep in mind that it is in the high 90's outside, and I'm taking a sqirmy, poopy kid to change his diaper. I get Anderson all settled on the passenger side front seat, and armed with a fresh diaper and wipes I get to work. Y'all, Anderson had done quite a good job filling this diaper up and it took about 8 wipes to clean his hiney. I was just about done and about to remove the dirty diaper when Anderson started wiggling around. He moved just enough for me to lose my concentration as I was pulling out the dirty diaper and I fumbled the diaper and a big plop of yellow poop fell squarely down onto my floorboard. So now I'm dealing with a sqirmy baby, a dirty diaper, trying to put a clean diaper on him, and poop on the floorboard.

It took about 5 more minutes to get the situation under control and I deposited the evidence in the trashcan outside the restaurant where I'm sure it was nice and ripe in no time with the heat outside. The two of us headed back into the restaurant where I promptly passed Anderson off to Jeremy and informed him that he owed me and my floorboards big time!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

I guess that's what you get for thinking you don't have anything to blog about. Don'tcha just love tiny baby blowouts?

I always changed my kids in the van. I was such a germaphobe that I had a set up that was comfy and fast and we just deal with it and moved on. My hubby has always been a faster changer than me, so he usually did the honors when we went out. Yes, I have a sweet hubby! : )Ya know those little blue diaper disposal bags? (Do they still have those?) Anyway, they are kind of like little bitty grocery sacks with the handles and everything. We would put "a smelly one" in there, tie it in a knot at the handle and then hang it from our antenna. We didn't have to smell it and I could dispose of it when we got home. Yes we got some stares...but I wasn't smelling it so I didn't care. LOL

Rachel said...

Been there done that. And it's no fun.

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