Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Everybody Was Kung Fu Crying

Jackson has decided that he's interested in taking karate lessons. We found out that the YMCA offers lessons, and better yet, they even let you try a few classes out before you sign up and invest money into the uniform. So I arranged for Jackson to try karate out last night. We talked before hand about him not being shy and just having a good time. The class we are thinking about enrolling him in is the Tiny Tiger class for 3, 4 and 5 year olds. When we got there he was the only kid probably because of the 4th of July holiday.

So Jackson went up to the teacher and she started showing him all the "stuff" that he would need to know before getting into the actual karate kicks, like bowing when you enter the arena, and shaking hands with your opponent. She waited for a few minutes and when it appeared that no other kids were going to show up she started the exercises with him. He did push ups, jumping jacks and sit ups and then she had him do a running exercise from one wall of the room to the other wall of the room. She warned him to keep his hands out when he got near the wall because for some reason, some kids like to stop with their heads instead of with their feet.

So Jackson takes off running, and listening to her advice, he runs full force with his arms stretched out across the entire room. He got to the wall, and just like she said, he kept his arms out. Except Jackson wasn't accounting for the rebound he would have off the wall, and just after his hands touched the wall, the force of centrifugal motion got him and his head slammed against the concrete cinder block wall. It was like it was happening in slow motion and even though I knew what was about to happen even before it occurred, there was nothing I could do.

We watched him hit the wall and in typical kid fashion there was the 3 second delay before the tears started. We made it to him in seconds and already there was a quarter sized goose egg starting to come up. The teacher got him an ice pack and about that time a couple more kids showed up for class. Now I was afraid that Jackson would be embarrassed for crying in front of them, and that there would be no way that he would finish the class, but after a couple of minutes he was ready to go back out and give it another shot.

Of course, I might have helped his desire to go back out on the floor by promising a trip to Walmart for a new toy, but hey, a Mama's got to do whatever it takes, right? Right?

So anyways, Jackson is trying another class on Thursday. I'll report back on his progress!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Oh wow! I'm glad he got back out there and kept at it. Sounds like it will be a fun experience for him if he can keep his head off the wall. :) And that title is the funniest thing ever! Good job! : )

Anonymous said...


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