Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Tired Just Listening To Him

Jeremy and I have noticed that lately Jackson has been talking nonstop. It's like his mind doesn't shut down. Ever. And the best part? He won't let our minds shut down either! He pretty much speaks in one long run on sentence that just never ends. For example, this is Jackson's dream from last night, in his words. He is sitting here beside me as I'm typing, so honest to goodness, this is what life is like around here right now.

"I had a dream that me and my friends went skating and there was this big dinosaur slide that you slide on the water and then you go on some ice and then snow and then uhhhh you go on some tables and then uhhhhh we went to play on dinosaur city and there were real dinosaurs with two slides on each side, one on the right and one on the left, and then we we went zooooommmmmm down the slide and then I went on ummmmm the other slide and went zoooommmmmm down it and then we went to go outside and we went snow tubing and then we left and we only got to do it 20 times and then we went to leave and we went on another field trip and then guess what...we went to 20 places and we didn't even take a nap! But then we took a nap in the school van because it took a long time for Mrs. Angie to drive us to Disney World and then we spent the night at the mountains in Tennessee and then we went to 100,000 places and then we went to the movie theater and saw Harry Potter and then we went back to daycare."

See what I mean? I'm exhausted just listening to him! Maybe he should handle the 2:00 bottle for Anderson since he's obviously got more energy than Jeremy and I do!

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Kay said...

Wow..waterslides, no napping and Disneyworld. Pretty much every kid's dream right there! I so feel your pain. I have a girl like that, although the teen years have quieted her some. : )

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