Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Just A Few Things On My Plate

Anderson is 4 weeks old today, and the little guy is still doing great. He was a trooper yesterday during the 4th of July parade we went too, and even more of a trooper when he was stuck on land with his KK and Uncle Jason when the rest of us were paddling our way back in to shore after the boat we were in ran out of gas during a venture out. I'll tell you all about that story when I get the pictures. It's priceless!

The biggest thing on my plate right now, besides taking care of a 4 week old, is that I just realized that Jackson's birthday is a mere 5ish weeks away. Normally I'm just about done planning his party by now, but I've been slightly distracted for the past few months. I can't imagine why...

So now I'm busy researching themes and I've already ruled out Spider man and Batman. I just can't handle the thought of sending kids home after they have eaten cake covered in red, blue or black icing and all the clothing that could potentially be ruined by the butter cream deliciousness.

So Jackson and I settled on a theme that we both agree on, and we're going to attempt a pool party since it will be in the middle of August. It should be fun and I think Jackson will really enjoy himself.

I guess that's all for today. I must return to the little kiddo now. He's calling my name!

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Kay said...

I'm glad you settled on a theme pretty quickly. If I remember correctly, wasn't there no small amount of drama last year in the choosing and the sticking with the chosen theme? : ) Hope he stays on track with your theme. LOL

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