Thursday, July 21, 2011

We Survived. Barely.

Jeremy got home last night and I promptly thanked the good Lord above, handed Anderson over to him, and I went to bed! I have never been that tired in my entire life. It wasn’t that the week was bad, because it wasn’t. It was more of the fact that my right hand man was gone, and I was having to do both of our jobs by myself day and night, coupled with the fact that all 3 of us came down with a bad cold while Jeremy was gone.

I wasn’t completely on my own while he was gone. We had dinner over at my parents house on Monday and I took the kids to a museum with a friend on Tuesday, so we did get out some. Mom’s dinner was amazing (fresh cooked veggies), and the kids had a blast at the museum, so both of those were a lot of fun. Jackson had karate class on Tuesday night and then Mom and Dad watched the boys while I went to girls night out with friends from church for a couple of hours.

By late Tuesday night we had all come down with a pretty good summer cold that had us all sniffling, sneezing and congested. Jackson got some cold medication that helped him, but because I was home alone I didn’t feel comfortable taking anything that would make me pass out. I took 1 cold pill, and it didn’t do much. All I can use with Anderson is saline solution, a bulb aspirator and a cool mist humidifier, none of which did much to help him during the middle of the night. I think on Tuesday I might have gotten 4ish hours of sleep just because I was listening to every little sound he was making. I would get up and check on him and he would be sound asleep, just making awful noise. 

Wednesday was, simply put, the Jackson stayed home with me and drove me bonkers. It was raining all morning and all he wanted to do was go outside and play baseball or have me play karate or football with him in the living room, never mind the fact that we all  have colds, I had 4ish hours of sleep, and I’m watching 2 kids. I love that child more than life itself, but he drove me nuts yesterday morning.

Then yesterday afternoon Mom watched Jackson while I took Anderson to his first sick baby visit to the doctor. My nephew Luke was diagnosed with strep yesterday and he had been around A and J on Monday night. His exposure, plus his bad cold, made me want to get the little guy checked out. It turned out that he was fine, just a summer cold, and he’s up to 11 pounds, 5 ounces.

Jeremy got a late start home from his meeting in GA, and they ended up not leaving until 5:00 our time. I took both boys to church, taught GA’s, and then went home where I camped out on the couch until Jeremy got home at 9. I let him get settled in for about 10 minutes and then I handed the boys off to him, took some cold medication and went to bed. It was hands down the best sleep I’ve had in weeks! 

I’m still exhausted, but I think overall I did pretty good. The clothes got washed, the bottles clean, the house is still standing, and both kids are still kicking, even if I’m not! At least I have a couple of weeks before I have to face this when Jeremy goes on a church conference this time! After that, I’ll probably check into a hotel and sleep for 2 straight days!

3 random thoughts:

Jessica said...

Well, next time Jeremy's gone, just let us know. We'd be happy to entertain a little boy or two!!

Kay said...

Oh my...the cold definitely didn't help your situation any, did it? I can do a lot of stuff, but somewhere along the line, going without sleep just does me in. I so feel your pain. I have been there.

The Jones' said...

I love this post because it makes me not feel so guilty! When David has been on trips or just at work for the day I sometimes (or a lot of times he would say) have to just turn the girls over to him and go....outside, a room and lock the door, the bathroom, etc. I, too, love the dickens out of my girls but sometimes you just get really worn down. It is always good to know someone feels the same way at times! Glad you got your right hand man back!

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