Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Big Day For My Big Boy!!!

Today is Jackson's first day of kindergarten. I've got such mixed emotions right now about everything. I'm so excited for him, because, well, he's so excited! And I'm so sad for me because it means that my sweet little guy is growing up. I know he's going to do great, I just hope I can make it through the drop off process without letting him see me cry! Here are some pictures from his Kindergarten Open House that was last Tuesday night. I’ll post pictures from today when I get home from work.


Jackson doing a coloring page


Fun wall decorations!


Media/Technology center. They don’t even have chalk boards anymore…just fancy projector systems!


Barn in the room where they can listen to books on tape


Jackson and his friend John Michael with Mrs. Smith. He looked more thrilled than this in person!

I’ll post new pictures soon! Please pray that he has a great day, and pray that I don’t lose it (at least not in front of him). It’s hard watching him grow up so fast, but I’m so proud of the boy he’s growing into!

2 random thoughts:

Nana said...

I'm so excited for Jackson. It's hard to believe that he is in kindergarten. Can't wait to hear about his first day. And to add to the excitement -- Jackson is testing for a new karate belt. WOW!!!

Kay said...

I'm glad he's happier than it he looks in that last pic, cuz he looks like he's really wondering what he got himself into. I'm sure he will have a great day. And you will be ok too. : )

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