Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Biscuit Goes To The Biscuits

Back in June Jeremy, Jackson and I went to a Montgomery Biscuits game a few hours before I was induced with Anderson. For that reason, my Dad has taken to calling Anderson, “Biscuit.” This past Friday night our little “Biscuit” went to his first official Biscuits game. We were given tickets to another suite with Kellyn, Jason, Luke, and Jason’s family. The staff at the game even remembered that we were the couple that left the game to check into the hospital! We had a great time, and Anderson was such a good little man. Enjoy the pics!


Our last outing as a family of 3!


Love the suite!


Biscuit wearing his little Slugger outfit!


Anderson’s “First Game” Sticker



Our little Slugger was worn out from the excitement!

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Your little biscuit is such a cutie. I'm glad you had a great time..and so fun that the staff remembered you. I love that! : )

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