Thursday, August 25, 2011

I’m Too Old For Kindergarten

It’s only been one week, and already kindergarten is killing me. I realize that I’m not actually the one that is attending, but it’s exhausting never-the-less.

We are more than used to getting Jackson ready for school every day, but this is so much more than that. It’s us getting up and ready, both boys getting ready, eating breakfast, making sure the bags are packed, lunches are ready and we’re out the door by 7:15. The boys schools are in opposite directions now, so that makes it even more fun to try to be at work by 8.

We try to get the bags ready the night before, but it doesn’t always happen. It’s rush, rush, rush all morning! Then, after a long days work we do the routine backwards. I leave work at 4:30, pick up the boys at 5, check mail, use the bathroom, and more often than not we are out the door again to go to church or karate. It’s exhausting.

To make it even better, Jackson has decided that he’s too big to take a nap at school, which means that he is beyond exhausted in the afternoons and mean as a snake. I know that he’s so tired, but he is GRUMPY. We had to have a  little talk this afternoon about his attitude. He wasn’t a happy camper, but he knows that if he’s that tired after school and can’t be nice he’s going to have to Mommy to answer to!

I know it’s going to get easier as we get more adjusted to this new schedule, but for now, I would give about anything for a break. Clearly, I’m just not cut out for kindergarten!

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Kay said...

Hope the special days calm down. But don't count on it! : )

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