Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jackson’s 5th Birthday Party

Jackson had his 5th birthday party this past weekend. He decided that he wanted a Phineas and Ferb party, and I was fine with that since I love the show as much as he does. We had a pool party over at my parents house and it was great! We grilled hotdogs before the party and we served a really cute Phineas and Ferb cake, ice cream chips and hotdogs. Because it was a pool party and we had lots of kids invited, I made sure that I set up other stations to space the kids out some. We had a bubble table, side walk chalk, Phineas and Ferb coloring pages, kiddie pools, and the big pool to entertain everyone. I found the cutest Phineas and Ferb tin pails at Target and they made the cutest party favors. I was so proud of my find! It was hot during the party, but it was lots of fun. Jackson said it was the best party ever!

Sunday was Jackson’s 5th birthday and Jackson woke up to his annual birthday balloons and we skyped with Amy and Adam before church. Enjoy the pics!


4 random thoughts:

The Jones' said...

Looks like a great party! I forgot you put ballons on the floor. I copied you ( I thought) when I had 8 helium ballons in MG's room for her b'day. That must be a ton of fun for him to have them all over the floor! And 2 questions:

1. Why do you and Kellyn and Miranda all have on the same color shirt? Did y'all plan that? ( : (they may not be the same color but it looks it in the pic and I thought it was funny!)

2. Does Anderson favor Luke? He kind of does in the pics.

Glad y'all had a fun day and you look so skinny!!

Rachel said...

The party looks like so much fun!! And those are some great family pictures. happy birthday, Jackson!

Wade's World said...

Hey Candy!

1. I had on a pink shirt and Miranda and Kellyn had on red shirts. No clue as to why they all look the same!

2. Anderson does sort of favor Luke. He looks so much like Jackson, but at the same time he has more of my look than Jackson does. That really doesn't make sense!

3. Jackson always loves his birthday balloons. I think we had 45 ballons in his room this year!

Esther said...

That is so fun! Zach has that same shirt.

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