Friday, August 05, 2011

Weekly Confessions

  • I’ve been so tired this week that I’ve slept through Anderson waking up at night. Granted, he doesn’t really cry when he wakes up, but he does start grunting louder and louder until someone hears him. This week, it’s been Jeremy.

  • I’m going to have Anderson by myself tomorrow night. This should prove interesting!

  • We went to the McWane Center in Birmingham last weekend and as we were waiting to catch the elevator to leave, I noticed a cute little boy standing beside his dad. I got a good look at him, tapped his dad on the shoulder and said, “Is his name Jake?” It was the youngest son of Katherine from Grass Stains! I adore her blog and it was like meeting a mini celebrity for me! Katherine was at the lake with her two oldest sons, so I didn’t get the chance to meet her, but maybe one day we will! And FYI, her son Jake is so stinking cute that it’s not even funny!

  • A lady at the McWane Center told me (about Anderson), “Your baby is so cute he makes my uterus hurt.” I took it as a compliment, but what a weirdo!

  • I’ve never watched a single episode of Glee, but I love the Glee Project.

  • I’ve finally got all the thank you notes done and the birthday invitations mailed. Next up is the birth announcements. They are sitting in my kitchen waiting to be addressed. My goal is to have them done sometime before Anderson is 6 months old!

  • We finally heard from Jackson’s new kindergarten teacher and we got our first choice! We’ll just call her Mrs. S here on ye olde blog. She was so nice on the phone and I think she will be the perfect teacher for Jackson. I found out that his class will have about 15 kids in it, and 9 of them have birthdays around Jackson’s which means that he won’t be the only young kid in the class. I’m so happy about that! And I’m super excited that one of Jackson’s best friends from preschool will be in his class so at least he will have one buddy in there to start with. I just hope they behave!

  • This is just about the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. Gotta love the combination of desperation and stupidity!

  • A thought occured to me the other day; When I was pregnant with Jackson I gained 20 pounds and lost 40. When I was pregnant with Anderson I gained 11 pounds and lost 25. If we had another baby, I could be back to my high school and drivers license weight. Just a thought...

I guess that’s enough random for today. Y’all have a great weekend!

1 random thoughts:

Esther said...

The comments on the post you linked to are almost as funny as the post! (Just say No-kra.)

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